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To Use a Sound Machine or Not…That is the Question!

Have you read the buzz about infant sound machines? A new study claims that the use of an infant sound machine can be harmful to a baby’s hearing.

It is worth reading the study yourself:

While the study has some very important points, I don’t think families should immediately get rid of the sound machines they are using. Both Dr. Karp and Dr. Weissbluth (my sleep hero!) continue to support the safe use of sound machines.


So, what is the take home message…


1) Be aware of the volume. You should NOT be using it at the maximum volume.

2) Don’t place the sound machine next to your baby or even next to the crib. Ideally, the machine should be placed on the other side of the room.

3) The sound machine is not the only piece of good sleep hygiene. Be sure your child’s room is dark, routine is in order, and their schedule is age-appropriate.

4) With these precautions, you should feel comfortable using a sound machine to help muffle outside noises to protect your little one’s sleep.


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