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Behavior Services for Toddlers and Early Childhood

If you feel that you are making parenting decisions to avoid temper tantrums or you are constantly negotiating with your child to get dressed, brush teeth, go to sleep, etc. I can give you the tools to help you parent in a way that feels good, respectful, and effective in order to see the behavior changes that you are hoping for. Although it can feel impossible, you can definitely turn the chaos into cooperation, promote less yelling, and create harmony in your home. Parenting does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun and enjoyable and I can help you get there.
Renee Wasserman
Renee Wasserman
Founder, SleepyHead Solutions

Every package is built on these strong foundations.

Ethical, Research Based Programs

Built to help parents develop healthy sleep patterns in their children.
Scientific studies have not found long term risks or benefits to sleep training. Although it can be hard to hear the crying, research suggests that the practice of letting a baby cry while learning to put herself to sleep is not inherently harmful and does not cause long term or short term emotional problems or disrupt the parent-baby bond.

Compassion & Shared Experience

Empowering parents to run their homes in a respectful and positive way.
As a mother of three, I know the frustrations that come with not knowing the best ways to deal with developmentally-appropriate challenges such as temper tantrums, potty readiness, picky eating, bedtime delays, or setting rules without yelling.

Warm & Personal Approach

Built to help parents develop healthy sleep patterns in their children.
I pay special attention to ensure that each program is thoughtfully tailored to your family's needs and provided in a non-judgmental way that focuses on helping your family achieve a happier and healthier home.

Tailored to Your Unique Family

I listen and develop a sleep or parenting plan based on your parenting style as well as the personality of your child.
I pride myself in my dedication to my clients – my packages include regular and ongoing contact, advice, direction, and support. This makes all the difference in successfully implementing a parenting plan.

Here's what other parents are saying:

Behavior Consultation

One hour individualized sleep call (phone, Skype, Facetime) to discuss in detail your child’s sleep and determine the best approach to meet your individual sleep goals
$ 200
Package Rate
  • Detailed intake form to be completed prior to our consultation
  • One-hour individualized behavior consultation (phone, Skype, Facetime) to discuss in detail your child’s behaviors.
  • You'll learn strategies and tools to give you the confidence to feel prepared to handle any situation in a calm and positive way.
  • Customized and detailed written recap of the tools and strategies discussed during the call.

Other Services & Products

Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of sleep! Gift certificates make fun and unique baby shower and newborn gifts! No need to guess which package would work best; instead, purchase a gift certificate for any of our offered sleep packages. Contact for details.

Group Seminars

$45 per person (5 person minimum)
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Group Seminars

Perfect for mom, parenting, and friend groups eager to learn about infant and child sleep.

Choose any sleep topic. On-location one-hour private group session. (Travel fee(s) may apply)

Contact for details.

Returning Clients

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Returning Clients

Sleep challenges can happen at any time despite the healthy foundation that you have established for your child. If, since the last time we worked together, your child has developed a new habit that needs to be addressed, please email me for my a la carte packages.