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Success Stories

SleepyHead Solutions is proud to have worked with many families helping their children (and, in turn, their parents) achieve a good night sleep as well as bringing calmness into the home.

Here are their success stories.

Wow, Renee is truly a miracle worker! When we contacted Renee, our 5 month old had gone through a major sleep regression and for weeks we were up every 45-60 minutes at night with maybe a 3-hour stretch of sleep at some point in the night. We were exhausted, taking “shifts” at night, trying every swaddle and trick, feeding to sleep, and generally losing our minds. During the day our baby was fussy, and we were sleep-deprived and short-tempered with our toddler, which led to toddler tantrums…  it’s safe to say we were a mess. During our consult call with Renee we were instantly comforted by Renee’s calm and confident approach. She gave us a clear plan and within just a couple days we saw major improvements in our baby’s naps, nighttime sleep, and overall happiness. We felt as if Renee had given us the “Baby Instruction Manual” we had been needing all along. We now have a well-rested baby who sleeps through the night, naps reliably during the day, and is happier and smilier than ever! The cherry on top is that we’ve seen really great improvements with our toddler’s behaviors as well now that we are rested enough to give him the attention he deserves, and he doesn’t have a fussy baby sister crying all day. We are so thankful to Renee for giving us our evenings and sanity back. If you’re struggling at all with your baby’s sleep, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Renee for help.

Amy and Scott F. (parents of a 5-month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

We were desperate for help. Our 4 year old had went from sleeping well for years to coming to our room multiple times a night and then sleeping on our floor. We were zombies! I tried what I thought was everything and then contacted Renee. After a detailed call with her she developed a step by step plan that was completely different from anything we had tried. Within a few days our child was sleeping soundly. Every single day we communicated with Renee via email and she helped us tweak any issues. 2 weeks later everyone is rested and happy! Best investment we have made in a very long time!

Maria M. (parent of a 4 year old) 
New York, NY

I don’t know how to adequately express how much Renee has helped my family! My 5 month old was waking 2-3 times a night to eat, was struggling taking a bottle during the day, and this mama was exhausted. Renee was so comforting, supportive, and assured me we would get her on track. Within a few days of implementing Renee’s plan, my daughter reduced her night wakings to just one overnight feed and is taking complete bottles during the day. Renee’s plan was foolproof and worked quickly and consistently. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! If your sweet babe is struggling, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Erin and Doug K. (parents of a 5-month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

I cannot begin to explain how grateful we are for Renee. Sleep training our 20-week old son was life changing for our entire family. For weeks leading up to training, our son refused to take naps in his crib and was constantly fussy and overtired. I spent hours every day holding him for his naps and felt like I didn’t have time to take care of myself. He was dependent on his pacifier and swaddle and woke up several times a night, especially during the early morning hours. My husband and I were absolutely exhausted and defeated until we contacted Renee.

Renee took the time to learn about our son and our family’s goals before working with us to create an individualized sleep plan we felt comfortable with. Within a few nights, our little guy was falling asleep independently in his crib without a swaddle or pacifier! He now takes two 90+ minute naps every day and is a much happier baby. I cannot thank Renee enough for her guidance, patience, and positivity throughout this whole process!

Rachel P. (parent of a 5-month old) 
Hoboken, NJ

SleepyHead Solutions has drastically changed our family’s quality of life. Our 4 year old had started popping out of bed requesting our presence, and our attempts to reassure him were not working. We had endured months of insufficient sleep and needed someone to collaborate with us on a different approach. Our first meeting with Renee left us feeling validated as parents and hopeful that we could achieve a well-rested household again. After getting to know more about our situation, Renee equipped us with an extremely thorough step-by-step sleep plan that detailed exactly how to implement the coming changes. Her expertise enabled us to anticipate common challenges and problem-solve family-specific dynamics that would tempt us to deviate from the sleep plan. Renee’s collaborative approach and responsiveness gave us the confidence needed to stay the course. And now when our head hits the pillow, we get to enjoy the peace that comes with knowing we get a full night of rest. Wake-up time is no longer dreaded, and we feel like we have the energy needed to keep up with two little ones again. We were so impressed with how well our son adapted to the new sleep rules that we enlisted Renee’s assistance in some other areas as well. Honestly, our only regret is that we didn’t contact SleepyHead Solutions sooner!

Andy and Meredith B.  (parents of a 4.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Renee was a blessing at the time we needed it the most. We have twins and, after having gone through two different consultants and tried several sleep training methods, we could not get our 10-month-old baby boy to sleep. Renee understood our history in detail and, given what we had already tried, concluded that cry it out would be the best approach (though she did give us other options). She helped us through every step of the way, was extremely responsive, flexible, and empathetic and. Most importantly, she gave us the confidence we needed throughout the toughest times. Were it not for her support, we would not have been able to cope with the crying and the babies waking each other up all the time in the first few days.

The results were amazing. As our baby boy managed to sleep better, we discovered a whole new side to his personality. He’s now happy and full of energy throughout the day, smiling most of the time. My wife and I have also been able to take back a bit of our life as a couple, with time to enjoy diners with friends, watch movies and have a glass of wine every now and then.

Djalma and Maria R.  (parents of 10-month old twins) 
London, England

As a pediatrician, I have deeply appreciated the support and guidance that Renee has given my patients when they need extra help navigating their children’s sleep difficulties. She is able to provide clear, empathic, practical guidance in a way that reflects each family’s particular needs.  As a mom with 3 young children who had spent WAY too long waking up at 5am with my early-riser 3rd kiddo, I owe Renee a huge dept of gratitude. I fundamentally knew what I needed to do with my 3rd child and yet I was so exhausted by the hectic pace of life and lack of sleep that I didn’t have the energy to do it. I needed some hand-holding and support, and Renee was absolutely the right person to turn to.

Renee’s approach is practical, kind-hearted, and most of all, extremely effective. I’d spent a year and a half waking up around 5am with my youngest, and in less than a week of implementing our plan, my little one was calmly staying in bed until 6:30am. That extra 90 minutes/day of sleep has been priceless!!  And beyond the benefit of my little one getting more sleep, I think all my kids appreciate having a more well-rested, happy mom :).  I would absolutely recommend anyone struggling with sleepless nights and stressful days to reach out to her and benefit from her expertise!

Karen H. (pediatrician and parent of a 3 year old) 
Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Renee by my pediatrician.  When I first came to her, I was desperate:  exhausted, hopeless, and beyond frustrated, with a 16 month old who was refusing naps, waking through the night for milk, and waking to start the day as early 4 or 5am on a regular basis.  Our sleep schedule was a mess and I didn’t know what had gone wrong to get us to that point.  Renee’s approach for us was clear, specific, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE.  She provided a detailed plan, answered my many questions, and within 2 DAYS my little one was sleeping through the night 12+ hours.  Getting naps on track has been more challenging, but Renee has made herself available every step of the way to provide helpful and supportive feedback and guidance.  Renee does an amazing job of hearing and responding to parents’ instincts and desires in formulating a plan that will work.  THANK YOU, Renee, from the bottom of my heart.  I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family, and I will continue to turn to you for guidance when my kids go through new sleep challenges.

M.R. (parent of a 16 month old) 
Los Angeles, CA

Renee transformed our lives! We were both nervous about sleep training and uncertain if it was really for us, but after Renee explained the process and patiently answered all of our questions, we decided to give it a try. Throughout the first two weeks, she provided us with the guidance, affirmation, and knowledge that we needed to stay consistent and true to the process. There were definitely multiple points when, without Renee’s support, we would have given up on the whole idea of sleep training.

Our little one went from only napping in our arms and crying throughout the night to sleeping for 12 hours straight, smiling when she is put down for naps, and self-soothing with confidence. She is actually getting more sleep now than she was before we worked with Renee. We, meanwhile, suddenly have time together in the evenings again and are well-rested enough to fully enjoy our time with our daughter when she is awake. Thanks, Renee.

May and Dan T. (parent of a 5.5 month old) 
Los Angeles, CA

I remember reading someone else’s review that said “It’s 7:30 pm and
my husband and I are having a glass of wine, and if you would have
told me that 2 weeks ago I would have laughed at you”…THAT was the
review that made me sign up immediately with Renee.

Wow. Did she deliver. I’m seriously in shock. The toddler phase is no
joke, and we’ve been through LOTS of transitions in the past 6 months:
potty training, big girl bed, new daycare, no nuk, baby sister, new
house and global pandemic and of course, our daughters sleep
regressed. My husband and I NEVER thought we would be the people who
would pay money for a sleep consultant. We read all of the articles
online and even tried (and failed) SEVERAL other techniques

Renee empowered us with the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT coaching and the
RIGHT wording to instill sleep confidence in our 2.5 year old. To this
day, she still makes comments about her body needing energy to play.
It’s mind blowing and I feel like I’m the annoying friend telling
everyone about her and bragging about how we have our nights back. My
husband and I put our infant and our toddler both to sleep at 7:30 and
then we have time for ourselves for the rest of the night. It feels so
good- we desperately needed it.

Thank you, Renee for your invaluable insight.

Michaela and Dylan M. (parents of a 2.5-year old) 
Plymouth, MN

I was convinced my super spirited 2 yr old was impervious to sleep training until we met Renee. We tried sleep training at 12 weeks by following a book, and again every few months with no long term success (my daughter will out-cry anyone). Eventually we accepted waking up 1-3 times every night and spent several nights per week sleeping on my daughter’s floor.

We contacted Renee super skeptical anyone could help us. But she did two incredible things: gave us a plan to get our daughter to actually sleep, and connected how sleep and our parenting strategies needed to align to better serve our entire household.

Renee ended up giving us more parenting coaching and practical tactics/strategies to manage tricky behavioral moments and it was incredible to see how implementing that guidance made our entire household run more smoothly – and we are all finally sleeping through the night – going on 4 mos straight with no wakings in the middle of the night (I truly never thought this was possible). Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rebecca K. (parent of a 2-year old) 
San Francisco, CA

I can not thank Renee enough for helping us get our nights back! Our 6 month old was waking up HOURLY at night, nursing every 2 hours, not napping during the day, and taking over 2 hours of constant walking to even get her to sleep at night! My husband and I were exhausted! We have a toddler who has always been an amazing sleeper so little sister threw us for a sleep exhaustive loop!

Renee helped us tweak our schedule and separate sleep from nursing. Within 3 days, our sleep refuser was taking 3 full naps a day and sleeping 12 hours! We have to actually wake her up from her naps and in the morning! We have gotten our nights back and are well rested and able to be the best parents we can be during the day!

Thank you so much Renee! Our girl is such a joy and we can’t thank you enough! As my husband says, “Worth every penny!”

Jordan V. (parent of a 6-month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Our toddler, who was once a good sleeper, had a major regression, leading my husband and I to feel helpless and unsure about how to manage the situation. As a last resort we decided to give Renee at SleepyHead Solutions a try. To be honest we were a little cynical about if it would work, but because we had run out of options of what to do, we figured it wouldn’t hurt trying something different.

Renee was very patient and detailed with her recommendations. The first few nights were rough and we were on the verge of giving up, but we stuck with the plan and on night 3, we had a breakthrough. Aside from the success we have achieved with his sleep, the process also made us see our toddler in a whole new light- We have never been so proud of him and the maturity he has displayed throughout the process. As an almost 3-year old, his ability to memorize the sleep rules, be able to apply the practices we discussed using if he woke up at night, tucking himself back to sleep and not coming out of his room throughout the night, have been impressive.

The process has also made my husband and I more confident in our abilities as parents and we know that with consistency and communication we can approach any parenting ‘challenges’ with ease. Thank you, Renee!

Damola & Christiana K. (parents of an almost 3-year old) 
Chicago, IL

When we came to Renee our son was 14 months old and waking up multiple times a night and not going back to sleep. This was after spending hours sometimes of rocking and singing to get him to go to sleep in the first place. Also, he was only napping about 30 minutes a day. We were completely exhausted, and so was he. We were completely at our wits end, and nothing we we tried was working. Within the first week of following our sleep plan he was sleeping through the night and taking two naps a day again. I cannot truly put into words how much better our lives are now that everyone is sleeping. Most importantly our son is now happy, having less tantrums, and getting the deep sleep he needs. We are so thankful!

Jessica K. (parent of a 14-month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Our 2.5 year old daughter has never been a good sleeper. We tried everything. Every popular book, every popular “method”, every tool (swaddles, sleep sacks). She slept through the night maybe 5 times in 2.5 years. It wasn’t waking one time a night, it would be two hours to get her to bed….then waking 2-5 times a night. It was the worst part of the day, followed by the next morning being a struggle to get everyone going. One day I reached my breaking point….we were exhausted. I reached out to our pediatrician for a recommendation and they referred us to SleepyHead Solutions. I read the testimonials and was hopeful, but also given our track record…not super optimistic. We figured we had nothing to lose though.

Renee listened and helped us develop a plan. The plan seemed relatively simple, so much that we weren’t sure how it could work. We prepared for the worst, but night one was the best night we’d had in a long time. By night 3 she was staying in bed sleeping all night long. By night 7, she was telling us she wanted to go to bed and getting in bed by herself.

I can’t begin to describe how life changing it is. More sleep is one thing, but everything is better. Bedtime is easy,the mornings are easy. The tantrum levels have decreased. I actually enjoy the toddler phase now 🙂

I wish we would have done this sooner. I think we were resigned to this was her personality or it was another sleep regression, we just felt powerless. What we really realized is that it doesn’t have to be like this. She thrives on boundaries and consistency.

Kelley M. (parent of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

At 5 months old, we were still bouncing on a yoga ball to get our baby to sleep every night, only to be “rewarded” with 2-3 hours of consolidated sleep, before we had to start the process over. If the boucning, rocking and shushing didn’t work, we would rely on a bottle to get him back to sleep. Additionally, Evan would only nap successfully if being worn in the carrier with constant movement, requiring the baby-wearer to bounce on the yoga ball during most of the nap to keep him asleep, for a total of 35-55 minute naps. Needless to say, we really needed Renee’s help!!

Deciding to start sleep training was the BEST decision we ever made, for our baby and our whole family. We were terrified to start and fully convinved that this would be the hardest  thing we would ever have to do as parents, but we were completely wrong. Renee was there to guide us each step of the way, listening to our concerns and crafting a plan that was aligned to our values.

Within the first 72 hours we saw MAJOR changes with Evan’s sleep, eating and overal demeanor. He was happy, well-rested and adapting perfectly to the new schedule. We were shocked at how simple the changes were but how big a difference it was making. All our baby had wanted the whole time was a little help learning how to put himself to sleep!

Had you asked us at the begining, I would have said no way will we be able to put our baby down fully awake and watch him fall asleep seamlessly, but night after night and nap after nap we watch on the monitor in amazement. We cannot thank Renee and Sleepyhead Solutions enough for giving us all this huge gift – a gift of sleep for everyone, peace of mind that our baby is safe in his sleep practices, and happiness for the whole family!

Amy and Emily B. (parents of a 5 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

I’m a first time mom and did EXTENSIVE research online, read all the mommy pages, read all the books…we tried various methods on our own until we finally called it. Little man was up every 1-2 hours for almost a week straight and we ALL needed sleep. Renee was fantastic to work with from the start. She took time to understand our situation, what we were comfortable with, what we wanted out of her program, etc. She was supportive, set realistic expectations, and was incredibly responsive to my many follow up questions. There was significantly less crying (babe’s and mine) than I expected and it only took a few days to see dramatic improvement in his nighttime sleep. He could put himself to sleep! Fully awake at bedtime or during the middle of the night, he was putting himself back out with no checks or feeds (except one feeding after midnight). It takes consistency and sticking to a plan, but working with Renee was exactly what we needed. It added accountability, reassurance that an expert was guiding us, and the comfort in knowing she was there to answer questions. I would absolutely recommend working with Renee, we can’t thank her enough for the guidance she provided and the support along the way.

Heather M. (parent of a 4 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Renee is AMAZING and wonderful to work with! We reached out to Renee when we hit our breaking point with our almost 4 year old. She was up 1-2 times a night looking for one of us and her younger sister was starting to do the same in the last few weeks. We were desperate for sleep so most nights they would be in bed with us or I was in their bed with them. It seemed like we tried things but nothing worked. We worked with Renee to create a sleep plan specifically tailored to meet our goals for our girls. And by the end of the first week both of them were putting themselves to sleep and were sleeping through the night in their own bed! It was rewarding as a parent to see them so excited and proud of themselves of what they accomplished. They thrived with the boundaries and routine that was set and we couldn’t be happier and more proud of them! We are all getting some much deserved sleep!

Andrea W. (parent of a 4 and 2 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

My daughter is almost two and had not slept through the night more than a handful of times. Exhausted and out of ideas, we contacted Renee for help. Renee was awesome! She guided us through work the potential issues in my daughter’s sleep routine and provided us with a comprehensive plan. Long story short, a few adjustments (mostly to us as parents) later, my daughter is sleeping through the night and/or soothing herself back to sleep on her own. Her mood during the day is MUCH improved as well. Not to mention her parents are well-rested and happier too. Renee was with us every step of the way to answer questions and cheer us on. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Angela B. (parent of a 22 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

When we contacted Renee we’d spent the last six weeks of our lives bouncing our baby in the dark on a yoga ball for 40 minutes to get her to nap for 10 in the crib, and for up to an hour to get her to sleep at night. And that was on a GOOD day. Two weeks later, our 4.5 month old daughter was sleeping 2 hours in the morning, around two hours in the afternoon and sleeping a solid 12+ a night. She goes down happily without a peep for nights and naps. Our bedtime routine is simple and sweet. She hardly ever cries and is firing on all cylinders developmentally now that she is rested. It was not always easy but Renee was with us every step of the way and it was SO WORTH IT. We love being parents in a way I never thought possible during those stressful sleepless nights. I could not be more grateful. What an amazing gift and investment in her future she has helped us give to our daughter. Thank you Renee!!

Sophie E. (parents of a 4.5 month old) 
Los Angeles, CA

It’s fair to say we had tried everything and were at the end of our rope when we reached out to Renee. Bedtimes were terrible 3+ hour struggles, and we were up all night marching our toddler back to bed. There should be a new word for “tired” because that no longer described how we felt every day. We felt like we had read just about every book and article about achieving peaceful bedtimes and getting our child to sleep through the night, and tried every method at every stage, and nothing seemed to work! Renee’s help was a godsend: she was able to get us on the same page with our goals, and what we liked best is that she made recommendations for moving forward that fit with what we were already doing, so there was no major disruption. Renee customized our sleep plan and communicated with us regularly, helping us identify and make small changes where needed. Within a few days, bedtime became a breeze, and nighttime waking was significantly reduced. At the end of our two weeks, we’re getting several nights a week of solid, uninterrupted sleep, and everyone is so much happier! We still have work to do, but we know exactly how to do it and feel confident enough to move forward. Renee really helped us to finally remain consistent and set our child up for success. We’re so grateful to have sleep back in our lives, and so grateful for Renee! THANK YOU!

Jona W. and Marc K. (parents of a 2 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

I just used Sleepyhead Solutions for my 2.5 y/o son – amazing!!!! Renee was worth every penny (I did the two week program). My son used to fight going to bed and would wake up 3-5 times each night as well! After using Renee, he now goes to bed every night at 7:30 with no issues at all and doesn’t get up from his bed until at least 6:30 – and if he wakes earlier, he just plays in his room until i come get him. Amazeballs – it’s like i have a whole new kid! I highly recommend Renee to anyone who needs to solve their child sleep issues!

Kristin R. (parent of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

My son has never been a great sleeper. His 4-month sleep regression lasted until he was almost one. Things started to improve around his first birthday but that didn’t last long. We had some weeks and even months where we saw improvements over the next year but he always reverted back to being a poor sleeper. On bad nights, he would cry for up to an hour at bedtime and then wake up screaming several times throughout the night. I called our pediatrician after his second birthday and she recommended SleepyHead Solutions. It wasn’t the first time she suggested a sleep specialist but it was the first time I accepted that we needed help. Working with Renee was amazing! She helped us come up with a plan and within a few weeks he made significant progress. I can finally say my son is a great sleeper thanks to Renee’s guidance!

Jess M. (parent of a 2 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

I was distraught over my 20 month olds’ poor sleep habits.  He had been a great sleeper, but then got ill and sleep was an epic struggle – for both of us.  I needed some help, and I got Renee’s number from a client referral and am so grateful that I did!  She gave me the confidence, compassion and guidelines I needed to take control of the situation.  It was simple and very effective.  By the second day, my son was sleeping back to normal.  Not kidding!  I was so surprised that she is so in tune with what kids are capable of.  Renee is professional and personable, and that showed me how serious she is about her work and helping others.  You don’t find that very often these days.  Thanks a million Renee, your help was priceless!

Rhiannon B. (parent of a 20 month old) 
Boulder, CO

Renee is AWESOME! I have a 2.5 year old and 6 month old and she has helped me retain my sanity with UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP! I was recommended to her by another sleep consultant who said she was amazing. She did not lie. You know someone is good if their peers and competitors are singing their praises.

Not only is she GREAT at her job, she is such a wonderful, caring, and considerate person to work with. She is great at follow up, which I cannot say about most. Sometimes when you are exhausted its hard to keep up with it all and Renee knows that. So she will follow up with you, very professionally, and work around your schedule as best as she can. Some people are not so flexible.

She makes sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process. If you are not, she adjusts your plan or helps walk you through it.

I worked with Renee to first sleep train my 2.5 year old boy who was very needy when my second child was born. I was so sleep deprived that I had given up and decided I would pay whatever if someone just told me what to do. She not only gave me a schedule but she reassured me throughout the process, which feels powerful and very supportive to a sleep deprived mother!

Obviously, I had to hire her to sleep train my newborn, when she hit the prime age. I had no doubt that she would knock it out of the park and she did. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, not knowing how to schedule nap times and feedings. I was nursing on demand and nursing the baby to sleep. I was exhausted. Renee, like the angel she is (I am pretty sure she is an actual ANGEL), put us on a routine that has saved me much anxiety and exhaustion.

I LOVE RENEE and have already recommended her to every single person I know (with kids and without)!

She is the answer to the help you need! xoxo

Natasha H-S. (parent of a 2.5 year old, and 6 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

We are so glad that we contacted Renee! My husband and I were having sleep issues with our 3.5 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old baby. We were spending every night bouncing back and forth between all 3 bedrooms with the kids, and we were completely exhausted. After a few weeks of working with Renee, all 3 kids are going to bed easily on their own and sleeping in their own beds all night. She helped us craft a specific plan and structure to follow for each child and gave us the tools to implement it. Her support along the way was so helpful, and you could tell she really wanted to help our family get our sleep back. Renee is wonderful to work with. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and makes you feel confident about helping your kids sleep. Working with her was absolutely worth every penny; we only wish we had contacted her sooner!

Ashley and Sam S. (parents of a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Hi! Let me begin by setting the scene: I’m Jess, mother to a WILD and amazing toddler, Owen. Life is crazy between being a mom and wife, working as an ICU nurse, and graduate school. My husband and I fell victim to severe toddler sleep regression. We both spent many nights sleeping on the floor by his crib because we had grown so desperate for sleep. One day I decided to google “toddler sleep specialist”, and that is when I came across Renee at SleepyHead Solutions. Total game changer! Renee took the time to get to know us as a family and she customized a sleep plan specific to our needs. She created a plan that was fun and encouraged Owen’s participation. The correspondence throughout the process was exceptional. From the smallest setbacks to every victory, Renee provided us with reassurance, encouragement, and suggestions along the way. I’m happy to report that Owen sleeps through the night and naps like a champ!!! During these times of great uncertainty, Renee gave us the best gift of all….SLEEP! Thanks Renee!!!

Jess and John B. (parents of an almost 3 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Quackery.  That’s what we thought of “infant/toddler sleep consultants.”  But after our 3-year-old started to refuse naps and screamed incessantly 2-3 hours per night, at 3 am, 5 nights in-a-row, what the hell, right?  Non-quackery ain’t workin’.

So, we called Renee.  She listened, advised and made sense.  Her plan worked from the get go.  By the second night, our son was sleeping at least 11 hours consistently and napping for an hour each day, too.  So much for quackery.  Thank you Renee.

S. and E. (parents of a 3 year old) 
Kansas City, MO

Working with SleepyHead Solutions has been a wonderful partnership! Having a child who was sleep trained at 8 months and then around 2.5 years old couldn’t transition from a crib to a bed was difficult. I was sleeping on the floor each night trying to get my kiddo to calm down enough to sleep. At a point of true exhaustion is when I called Renee. She was so patient and helpful. She helped us get back on track and in 2 short weeks my never sleeper was reciting his sleep rules back to me and sleeping from 8 pm-6:30 am every night and taking 2 1/2 hour naps each day! Thank you Renee for helping us work through our sleep struggles so we can all get a great sleep!

Melissa B. (parent of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Wow! What a difference your program made for our Lia. My wife and I were not in full agreement about how to deal with the situation of getting her to bed on time and keeping her in there. Once we spent time with you, we were lock step in a plan and in total agreement of what and how to do it. Your time on the phone, your daily emails, and the comprehensive plan on what to do made a huge difference in both how we were able to work together and what to say to reinforce the message to our daughter. I can’t thank you enough. Before our time with you, we were at our wits end on what to do and in total disagreement on how to try. Your experience, system and support made all the difference. In less than a week, we solved the problem and for the past month it has worked like a charm. Thank you.

Sissy and David Z. (parents of a 2.5 year old) 
Dallas, TX

We reached out to Renee when our baby was 8.5 months old. She was waking up 5 times a night and her day naps were short. It sometimes took her an hour to fall asleep in the morning even though she was exhausted. I am a mom of three and my two older boys just did ok with me training them by the book. My husband and I were so exhausted from months of not sleeping that I knew we needed professional help. My sister-in-law recommended we use Renee. She was excellent at giving us an exact plan that was tailored to our family. It was really hard at the beginning, listening to your baby scream is frustrating and heartbreaking, but Renee was reassuring and very helpful. Our daughter took a little longer than expected to get used to soothing herself and putting herself back to sleep. But Renee told us that some kids take a little longer and that we just have to stick to the plan and not give up. After a whole month of sleep training she finally started sleeping well and we were even able to move our two kids in the room with her! Now we feel like human beings again! 🙂

Thank you, Renee!

Mushky K. (parent of an 8.5 month old) 
New York, NY

We always thought my daughter was unique in her sleeping situation. Ever since birth, she never seemed to sleep the recommended amount of sleep. She wasn’t cranky and was always wide awake. She slept great in her crib in her own room until 7 months but then suddenly started screaming nightly. After many sleep deprived nights, she ended up sleeping in our bed just so everyone could sleep through the night. Fast forward to having a 2.5 year old still sleeping in your bed with a newborn also in the house. My toddler not only needed to sleep with one of us, she had to hold on to our arm while sleeping and if we got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, she would have to come. When we woke up in the morning, she had to wake up with us. If we tried to sneak away, she would cry hysterically. We swore she slept with one eye open. With a newborn in the house, we desperately needed more sleep and more time.

We were skeptical, when we called Renee, because our daughter seemed so far gone with bad sleep habits. Renee was really nice and patient. She listened to all of our concerns and quirks about our daughter. She custom tailored a very comprehensive sleep plan for our daughter and answered all of our questions. We thought we would be pulling all nighters for the first week but the first night she cried for 40 minutes and it wasn’t even hysterical crying. Within a week, not only was she sleeping by herself, she wasn’t crying and she stayed in bed. Within 2 weeks, she was able to fall asleep by herself, have an earlier bedtime, stay in bed, and we could just close the door and say goodnight without waiting for her to be fast asleep. Our lives have significantly improved, where we can continue doing things at night, wake up early and do things before she wakes up, and overall just not have to worry about her sleeping. Thanks Renee!

Stacie C. and Kent W. (parents of a 2.5 year old) 
Los Angeles, CA

We have struggled on and off with sleep issues since our child was born. After months of 3:00am wake-ups, we were encouraged to talk to Renee. She was super easy to communicate with and gave us a clear, common sense plan to help our family. After using Renee’s sleep plan, we immediately saw a change in our child’s sleep schedule. Our son totally seemed to understand his sleep rules and is so excited each day when “his body” stays in bed until the light goes on. He even tells us the activities (singing or belly breathing are the favorites) that he does in his bed when he waits for the light. What a drastic change from 3 am wake-up’s! And most importantly, he is so much happier and energetic throughout the day but especially in those late afternoon hours. No more falling asleep while eating dinner!

We are so grateful for Renee’s help in giving everyone in our house some structure and way more energy throughout the day! What a tremendous lesson in parenting and how important structure is. We highly recommend Renee and her methods and we are truly grateful for her guidance!!

Tasha B. (parent of a 3.5 year old) 
Los Angeles, CA

Let me start off by saying that I *highly* recommend Renee if you’re looking for a Child Sleep Consultant who knows her stuff and genuinely cares.

At almost 40 years old I had my last baby. I was sleep deprived from the pregnancy, had a c-section and a new baby and family to care for. I contacted Renee when my daughter reached 4 months.I had already knew the basics of sleep training, I did it 7 years ago when my son was born- but I knew I needed a refresh and I heard Renee was the best. She did in fact live up to that expectation.

My daughter at just 4 months was taking short cat naps throughout the day, waking during the night and early morning. We are all exhausted. Once I stared Renee’s schedule (at 4.5 months), she was successful almost immediately. She went from two night wakings to eventually one and then to none. Her cat naps turned into three longer naps.

I learned so much from Renee. She didn’t just hand me over a copy/pasted schedule. We had a discussion first and she tailored it to what I was comfortable with. She also took the time to explain sleep rhythms and patterns- the “why” to the details of the schedule were important for me. For example, I had no idea that eating patterns had anything to do with sleep. Understanding why all of this (and more) was important helped me build a schedule for Addie that we all understood was important to follow.

Renee held us accountable by having us log her days/nights and checking in daily. Her emails were always positive, informative and most of all, caring. I especially loved that every email would end with her asking, “What do you think?” to her suggestions. She always wanted to engage more with me, not less. That’s the sign of someone who genuinely cares.

At the end of the day, babies love routine and structure, I know this. I also believe in the power of good sleep for brain development and overall health. Renee helped me navigate through the process of building a great routine for our baby and family, and we’re all better rested. Thanks, Renee! xoxo

Tami Z-M. (parent of a 4 month old) 
Ontario, Canada

Since birth, our daughter had trouble napping and sleeping at night if she was not being held. We tried everything but ended up holding her during her naps and often times at night, too! We thought she would grow out of it once she was out of the newborn stage, but she did not. We were all exhausted! We began working with Renee when our daughter was five months old. Within just a few days, we noticed a huge difference! Renee laid out a very detailed but easy to follow plan and it’s worked great! She explained everything to us prior to us implementing the plan. She answered all of our questions and made us feel so comfortable. Renee is very responsive and caring. She honestly wants to help bring happiness and peace to the home by teaching parents the best methods for quality sleep. Our daughter is now almost 7 months old and goes to sleep within just a few minutes of being put in her crib. She consistently takes (2) two hour naps per day and sleeps at night from 7pm – 6:30am. If she wakes during the night, she is able to soothe herself back to sleep. Thank you so much Renee!!

Julie and Rob B. (parents of a 5 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Working with Renee has honestly been life changing. Our sweet daughter had the hardest time with consistent sleep since she was several months old and we had no idea where to turn. My husband and I probably tried every sleep method in existence and still could not seem to help our daughter sleep better. Even at the age of 2 she was still waking up 5-6 times a night and could not fall asleep well on her own. Needless to say we were pretty exhausted after nearly 2 years of sleep deprivation. Fortunately, my husband stumbled across Renee’s website and working with her was one of the best decisions we ever made. After talking with us at length, Renee created a sleep plan for our daughter. She took into consideration our daughter’s personality, age, sleep struggles, our family values, concerns, etc. She talked us through this highly customized plan before we started, and was always available if we had any further questions or needed support throughout the whole process. After only one week our daughter was already falling asleep on her own and sleeping much better at night (only waking once or twice at night). After 2 1/2 weeks she was sleeping through the night for the first time ever since she was born. We were amazed how much progress she made in such a short time! She now has very positive associations with sleep which is the biggest win of all. If you are debating whether or not to contact Renee, I would highly encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it!

Ruth M.  (parent of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

We started working with Renee after our four month old went through such a serious sleep regression that she could only sleep while being held (day and night). After a few weeks of taking shifts and trying different approaches on our own with no consistency, we contacted Renee, and she helped us create a plan that worked for us. Three days into the plan, our daughter was falling asleep on her own in her crib at night and making great progress with naps. Two weeks after completing the plan, she is still putting herself to sleep, only wakes up once/night for feeding, and her naps keep getting better. Having Renee’s advice and support was invaluable in helping our daughter develop healthy sleep habits!

Anna B.  (parent of an 18 week old) 
Saint Louis, MO

As a first time mom, I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to teach my sweet baby how to sleep. Sleep was definitely not on my radar as far as something that I should’ve paid attention to early on. Babies sleep, what’s hard about that? I was unintentionally creating bad habits- holding him while he slept during the day as a newborn (although I have no regrets of this one) and nursing/rocking him to sleep as an infant. I was getting up every 2-3 hours throughout the night to feed him and get him back to sleep.

My husband and I had read many books, and tried some things on our own, but we weren’t consistent enough and felt like we needed someone to guide us and hold us accountable. When our little boy was 8 1/2 months, we reached out to Renee, and the rest is history. My husband and I both work full time and I was so sleep deprived that it was starting to affect my mental health. I was anxious, impatient, irritable, and did not feel like myself. I had not had a full nights sleep since before he was born, and I knew that if I didn’t feel well rested, there was no way he did either. This made me feel guilty and I knew things had to change!

Renee helped us tweak his daily schedule, and gave me the confidence to stop night feedings. She gave us the tools to help our baby learn how to put himself to sleep and self soothe. Although not every day is perfect, his naps are much more consistent and predictable (taking two naps a day at 2.5-3.5 hours total) and sleeping throughout the night on his own (11 to 12 hours total). I feel so much more rested and I know our little guy does too! Renee offered daily support and communication, answered all my questions, and helped with troubleshooting during times of developmental milestones and teething.

I have so much more confidence and less anxiety moving forward without her, and I’m grateful for her expertise in helping us teach our son how to be a more independent sleeper! Couldn’t have done it without her!

Cassy and Ryan C.  (parents of an 8.5 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Our 2.5 year old daughter was never a great sleeper. Always an early riser and waking multiple times a night. Our daughter would require my husband or I to go into her room to pat her back and reassure her many times a night for many many months. Then with the addition of a new baby into our family, I was getting up every hour to 2 hours between the toddler and infant. I was exhausted! I reached out to Renee when I was at my wits end with my 2.5 year old. We had tried everything from shortening naps, changing nap times, changing bed times etc. nothing was helping.

Renee developed a sleep plan that was comfortable for my husband and I to be consistent with including “sleep rules” and an “OK-to-Wake” clock. The first night of the sleep plan I was shocked at how well it went! The next 2-3 nights were a little more rough but within 5 days, our daughter was sleeping 11 hours at night and taking 2 hour naps! I was amazed at how quickly our daughter took to the plan! She was proud of herself and we are so proud of her. Renee was wonderful to work with! I looked forward to our daily sleep updates with her. I HIGHLY recommend Renee if you are having issues with your toddler sleeping. Your toddler is capable of great sleep if you follow Renee’s plan consistently!!!

Stephanie and Chris S.  (parents of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Our whole family is so much happier thanks to Renee!!! We came to Sleepyhead Solutions at a loss with our 2.5 year old who woke 3-5 times per night, requiring us to go to his room and lay him back down. On top of that, he regularly woke up for good at 5:15 and sometimes there was even a 4 on the clock. As parents, we were sleep deprived and frustrated.

Because of Renee, our son now sleeps through the night from 7-6:15 without making a peep after just two weeks.

Renee was fantastic at listening to our needs, making recommendations we were comfortable with, and coaching us to implement our plan.

We are anticipating our second child soon and would work with Renee again without hesitation

Vera and Matt S.  (parents of a 2.5 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

She is a lifesaver!! She gave us great knowledge about transitioning our 2 year old into a toddler bed. He figured out how to clime out of his toddler bed and come into our room. It was happening every night we knew we didn’t want to co sleep so we reached out! She kept us accountable for doing what was needed to be done every night. It wasn’t just for our little one but also to help us adjust and feel comfortable as well. We highly recommend her and happy to get a full night sleep.

Brittany M.  (parent of a 2 year old) 
Saint Louis, MO

Our two year decided to stop sleeping through the night out of nowhere, in addition to fighting bedtime and waking up super early. We tried various ways to help him sleep and four months later, we were at our wit’s end, and contacted Renee. I can’t emphasize enough how much we wish we contacted her sooner!!!! By the second night of our sleep plan, our son was falling asleep on his own, and sleeping 12 hours at night. We joke that Renee must have come to our house and sprinkled magic sleep dust over him! It has been such a great change for EVERYONE in our household because now we are all actually getting a full night of sleep every night! Renee is literally a miracle worker!

Andrea B.  (parent of a 2.5 year old) 
Baltimore, MD

Oh my word! Renee was a lifesaver for me and my husband. My 10.5 month old was getting up anywhere from 3-7 times a night. It was affecting not only myself and my husband (we were walking zombies!!) but even my son looked completely exhausted. By the end of the third night of sleep training he was sleeping through the night!! Renee is amazing!

Mary S.  (parent of a 10 month old) 
Saint Louis, MO

We made the mistake when our daughter was a baby of rocking her to sleep and later sitting in her room when she was a toddler until she fell asleep.  She is now 8 years old and after moving to a new house, she would wake up every night around 11pm, and we were so exhausted we would let her sleep on our bedroom floor.  We’ve tried a lot of things over the past 8 years, but haven’t been consistent with sticking with a routine.  Renee consulted with us, we put together a 2 week plan and WOW. Our daughter is now sleeping through the night on most nights, and has not come into our bedroom since we started the program. I highly recommend her services if you find yourself at wits end when it comes to your toddler/child’s sleep behaviors.

Laura and Matt H.  (parent of an 8 year old) 
Denver, CO

Our daughter turned 2 and decided she no longer wanted to sleep. She’d wake up at around 10pm every night and would be up for hours unless she slept in our bed. After months of being tired, a toddler sleeping/kicking us in our bed and another baby on the way, we finally contacted Renee. She worked out a plan for us based on our questionnaire and a conference call and really tailored it to our specific needs and problem areas. The first few nights are hard (especially the first night) but following the plan really works. And Renee is in contact with you daily and will adjust the plan, offer ideas and reinforce important behaviors. It’s been 6 months since we called Renee and our daughter is still sleeping well at night and during naps. I highly recommend SleepyHead Solutions!

Bridget W.  (parent of a 2 year old) 
Jacksonville, FL

To all you exhausted parents whose kids won’t go to sleep or stay asleep: we just finished 2 weeks guided by Renee, and my 4 yo is now going to sleep after an easy 15 minute routine, and staying in bed all night! I still can’t believe it. It took fewer than 2 weeks to train her, following Renee’s detailed plan, after over a year of hours-long bedtime routines and multiple wakeups per night.

If you’re in doubt or skeptical about using a sleep consultant, and if you’re so exhausted you could cry at any minute the way I have been all year: just call Renee and talk it over. That’s what we did. I was so tired that I almost cried on the phone. Renee’s confidence and gentle touch immediately made me want to work with her. She was 100% certain that we could help my daughter sleep well again, and she was right.

Best money I ever spent

Sophie and Jon K-B.  (parent of a 4.25 year old) 
Boulder, CO

Renee’s plan provided clear instructions for us on how to address our behavior issues with our son. She took the time on the phone during our consult, to listen to all of our concerns. We did not feel rushed, and were comfortable opening up to her regarding the issues we have been facing.  Her plan addressed each and every one of our concerns- as well as provided examples of real life situations, and how we as parents should respond, and implement her suggestions. She even included some fun, low key ways to help reinforce the house rules and expectations that we as parents have for our children. Thank you!!!

Katie D.  (parent of a 4 year old) – Behavior Consult 
Saint Louis, MO

It is hard to capture in words how grateful we are for our time working with Renee, but here goes. We came to her to work with our four year old daughter. We also have a one year old, who was sleep trained early and is a good sleeper. But nights with our oldest had become a nightmare.

Every night was a battle to get her to bed with hours worth of bouncing off the walls, getting out of bed and fighting us at every turn. We found ourselves getting frustrated and angry. It was unmanageable and we were at our wits end. In comes Renee!

She was very attentive during the intake process and helped us develop a plan that would work for our family. We followed her suggestions dutifully, and truly each part, from the family meeting, to making the sleep rules poster together played a role in our success. All throughout the process Renee was very responsive with detailed and prompt follow up emails.

As predicted, the first night was not easy. But then a miracle, for the first time in her life, on night two, our daughter put herself to bed without a fuss. Soon she began initiating her own afternoon quiet time. It only got better from there.

We are now a few weeks into the process, and our house is radically changed for the better. Our daughter is no longer exhausted. There is no more yelling. As adults, we have regained our evenings for ourselves, which makes us better parents. And, most remarkably, our daughter is more confident and secure. She now teaches the sleep rules to her little sister. Today was her first day at pre-k in a new, big public school. She typically struggles mightily in new situations. Yet, today was a breeze. We truly believe her ease adapting to school stems from her success with the sleep rules, the reduced stress in the house and the fact that she is finally not tired!

What a gift this has been for our family. It is the best time and money we have ever spent on our daughter and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Wendy and Nick D.  (parent of a 4 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

We loved working with Renee! Our 5 yr old just could not go to sleep despite all of our efforts. He was coming out of the room multiple times, finding every excuse to stay up; it was making out household a very stressful environment. Having Renee really work with us on coming up with a plan where my spouse and I were on the same page, having specific steps/rules to follow, and ongoing support made all the difference. I would highly recommend working with Renee!

Leah M.  (parent of a 5 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee’s program was worth every penny! THANK YOU for giving us back our lives and our sanity. After a year of waking up 2-8x per night, our 12-month old is sleeping through the night. And it only took 1 bad night of checking-in method (though she has other options if you’re not comfortable with this). My husband and I had read several of the popular sleep books and tried another sleep consultant program (not as personalized), so we felt like we knew all the information, but still we couldn’t make it work. In stepped SleepyHead Solutions. Renee gave us a plan to follow, explained her methodology, answered questions throughout, and voila! Our baby STTN now. I was on the fence because we had already invested a lot of time and money into other programs, but I’m so glad I did this one last thing. If you’re also on the fence, give Renee a call; you never know what you might learn and the benefits are SO worth it. Good luck parents!

Ana and Matthew K. (parents of a 6 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

My husband and I welcomed twin girls late Winter and the sleep deprivation was a slap in the face. Especially, after we both returned to work, which made keeping up with the girls, our careers, our dog, our home, etc. nearly impossible based on our zombie energy levels. Of course, the first message I sent to Renee was in the middle of the night when I was desperate for sleep. She quickly responded the next morning and let me know her program wouldn’t start until our girls were 18 weeks or older, but she was more than willing to connect and put a customized schedule in place before then, so we could implement as soon as the girls were 18 weeks. We took her up on the offer and haven’t looked back. After completing the 2 week program, our girls consistently sleep 11 to 12 consecutive hours each night. Thank you Renee for giving us the gift of sleep. Now we can truly enjoy raising our precious girls. <3 <3

Rachel G. (parents of 18 week old twins)
Saint Louis, MO

Working with Sleepy Head Solutions has changed our lives. Our baby girl slept through the night the second night of working with Renee. She went from taking short catnaps all day to sleeping for almost two hours at a time. I’m so thankful for Renee. She was so patient and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a little extra sleep in their lives.

Kena O. (parent of a 5 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Hands down amazing!!! After our 2 1/2 year old went a month in the toddler bed with no problems, it started all going wrong for a month with multiple wake ups and up at 5am for the day. The magical spell of him sleeping like a big boy and not getting out of his bed turned into a weird uncle staring at you while you slept. Going to bed which was a bulletproof routine before no longer worked and it became an epic battle of wills. We needed help. We started with a phone consultation and after speaking with Renee we both agreed that we felt like she had a system that could help us. We decided to do the two-week engagement. We received a plan that was easy to follow and follow it we did. Did it work? Well, I’m writing this to you at 8:30 at night and he’s been in bed for an hour with no issues. Renee was responsive to all our questions and provided us with a game plan to help creepy uncle turn back into our big boy sleeping in his big boy bed! She gave us so many tools to help him get better sleep but also helped us with some behavioral issues! We will not hesitate to utilize her for our younger children or for other behavioral guidance in the future!!!

Jodi and Ray S. (parents of a 2.5 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

I was so nervous to try out sleep training again after some tough experiences trying it on our own. However, SleepyHead Solutions gave us the confidence to do what was best for our son (1.5 years old) and for ourselves. Our son is now sleeping a solid 12 hours a night in his crib and taking restful naps during the day. Without the support of Renee and our well laid out plan, I would not have had the confidence in the decisions we were making and we would have fallen back into our bad habits. Both my husband and I, as well as our son, are so thankful for this service

Crystal L. (parent of an 18 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee has made our lives SOOOO much easier. We have 8 month old twins and their sleeping habits were all over the place. After working with Renee for 2 weeks, they are both on great nap schedules and both sleeping through the night. EVERYONE in our house is getting more sleep and it’s wonderful! Thank you Renee for everything you did for our family!

Kristin C. (parent of 8 month old twins)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee dramatically changed our lives in a period of 48 hours. Having been blessed with a generally good sleeper, we were stumped when our 4.5 year old suddenly stopped being able to fall asleep on her own and began waking up multiple times per night. After failing to solve this ourselves over the course of 8 weeks, we contacted SleepyHead Solutions and within 48 hours, our daughter was sleeping independently again. My only regret is not calling her sooner! What I appreciated most about Renee’s approach was her customized method in seeking a solution that worked for our parenting style as well as her very positive approach. There was no shaming during this process, just kind and positive direction. We are thrilled to hear that she is extending her services to general parenting coaching and will likely engage with her in the future to get our now well-rested child to be a bit less aggressive with her peers.

Nicole and Paul C. (parents of a 4.5 year old)
Washington D.C.

My husband and I can not thank Renee enough for everything she did for our family! Our boys weren’t terrible sleepers, but we as parents needed the tools necessary to give them a platform for success! Our boys, 3 years and 21 months old, started sharing a rom in January. They started waking multiple times a night and waking up around  5 am every day. Working with Renee, we came up with an agreeable family plan and the boys have thrived on the routine! It has also given my husband and I additional time to devote to our relationship which is another blessing! Thank you again  Renee for  helping or family and giving us the best tools to make our children successful.

Madison C. (parent of a 3 year old and 21 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

I am a pediatrician and had twins. We hired Renee when our twins were about 6 months (5 months corrected for gestational age). We had a great experience. She gave us advice on nap schedule, feeding and night sleep. We had a great plan. She was very approachable and available to answer all our questions. She regularly checked back to see how the twins were doing. She doesn’t try to impose a set method. She meets parents where they are. I would highly recommend her! Thank you Renee for bringing some sleep and sanity back in our lives!

Jaya G. (pediatrician and parent of 5 month old twins)
Saint Louis, MO

Our 6 month old woke up every 45-60 minutes and required a bottle to go back to sleep each time which meant pumping at night and lining up 9…yes 9, two-ounce bottles on my nightstand to get him through the night. He slept in bed with us and it was really affecting our sleep. I wanted assistance from a professional so I went online to find a local sleep specialist and came across SleepyHead Solutions. Renee was very well spoken, organized and seemed to know exactly what she was talking about so we decided to move froward. That very night after our first phone conference, our son slept through the night. Before beginning, Renee gave us very detailed instructions (tailored to our preferences) of what to do for every hour of the day and this helped so much. I always knew what to do next and that right there was invaluable to me and gave me peace of mind. Renee followed up with us daily on the log and answered any questions and gave us advice. Our son sleeps AND naps like a champ now. I would highly recommend…even if you don’t live in St. Louis, it can all be done via phone and internet. Don’t go one more night with horrible sleep–fixing it is easier than you think! Having help will ease the anxiety and make the process much smoother.

Michelle L. (parent of a 6 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Our two-year old hadn’t figured out how to fall asleep on his own. He needed to be nursed, rocked or driven in a car to sleep and we were often u with I’m until9:30 pm or later. To add to that, he usually woke up 2-3 times a night and almost always ended up sleeping in our bed. needless to say, we were all exhausted!

Renee immediately  put us at ease. She gave us a detailed sleep plan, and more importantly, the confidence and support to execute it. The sleep plan she developed worked well with our parenting style and within a week our son was going to bed on his own without complaint!

Renee was always available to us with any questions or concerns we had – she was so responsive! It was amazing to see such a huge change so quickly. We highly recommend her if you; relooking for assistance with your children’s sleep habits.

Mike and Miriam W. (parent of a 2 year old)
Rockville, MD

Renee changed our lives (literally)! we were 6+ months sleep deprived when we reached out to her. With her knowledge and expertise, our 7 month old now sleeps from 7p until 7a. Before Renee, we were lucky to get a 4 hour stretch. Nighttime was so very stressful for my husband and I and we dreaded it so much. We were beyond exhausted and she saved us. She is so kind and answered all of our questions/concerns and explained things thoroughly. she listened and didn’t judge any of my techniques used in desperation to get sleep. she was so encouraging and literally gave me the confidence to put my baby to bed at night, which was a big piece of the puzzle that was missing. I was so afraid exhaustion was my new way of life. We now enjoy bedtime and I no longer worry about only getting 4 hours of sleep. Sleep is so important and I am confident that with Renee’s help, our baby will be a good sleeper for life. I highly recommend reaching out to Renee for your sleep concerns. We cannot thank her enough!!

Molly H. (parent of a 6 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee helped us to get our toddler daughter sleeping through the night after months of her waking every 2-3 hours. You can find lots of advice on sleep on the internet, and very little Renee told us was brand-new to me, but the actual daily support from her in implementing the plan was worth its weight in gold. I haven’t gotten this much sleep since she was born, and my husband and I agree that Renee would be a bargain at twice the price!

Jamie K. (parent of a 2 year old)
Rockville, MD

When our almost 3-year old suddenly decided to stop sleeping through the night, our household was exhausted After 2 weeks of up to 5 wake-ups per night, we were all irritable, cranky and just not fun to be around. Renee gave our family instant hope with the just first call. The plan she created for us was simple to understand and made sense for our family. The confidence she instilled in us as parents was hugely helpful. Renee always gave us a choice of what was best forour family and every piece of advice she gave was geared towards the positive and was clearly explained as to “why” she was telling us to do that specific thing. Within the first week, we were down to just two wake-ups and a much more agreeable toddler. By the middle of the second week we were all sleeping through the night and much much happier. We just had our final chat today with Renee and I’m so much more confident in the ability her tools gave us to continue with good sleep habits for our family. Our toddler even practices our sleep routines with her dolls now! Renee is a rockstar and I would recommend her highly to anyone needing rest!

Katie L. (parent of a 3 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee was so, so helpful with getting our then 7 month old to sleep through the night. He was previously waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse (and he really didn’t need to be). Within 2 nights, he started sleeping from 8-630-7 and within a few weeks was also on a solid nap schedule. Simply amazing! We all have our sanity back and our little guy continues to be a great sleeper. Renee was so easy and flexible to work with. I was initially a little skeptical that over the phone consultations were all that we needed but it was like she was there with us in person. I cannot recommend her services enough! Thank you!!!

Erin B. (parent of a 7 month old)
Bethesda, MD

My children are sleeping through the night and it’s a miracle! My husband and I reached out to Renee in desperate need of help with our two girls (12 months and 3 1/2). When we first called Renee, we were spending 2-3 hours every night trying to get the girls to fall asleep, just to end up with them sleeping with us in our bed.
After talking with Renee, we had two sleep plans we felt confident in beginning with the girls. What we appreciated most with Renee, was that she was sure to make a plan we were comfortable with and confident in implementing.
For weeks now, our girls are sleeping and napping in a way I truly thought would never be possible!

Rachel C. (parent of a 1 and 3.5 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee gave us our life back!! Our 4 month old was waking up every 1-2 hours for about a month. It would take us an hour at least to get him to sleep and then he would wake up an hour later and we would start over…. I was a mess and was sick for a month because I wasn’t sleeping! She listened to us and gave us a plan and supported us the entire time! She would respond to my emails extremely quickly and was always easy to talk to.

It was the BEST decision to call Renee. Our little guy quickly started sleeping better and I quickly started feeling better. She made the experience easy. SO SO thankful for Renee Wasserman!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Felise W. (parent of a 4 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Worth every penny!

We sleep trained our daughter when she was 5.5 months old (nighttime and naps) and she was an amazing sleeper from that point forward. UNTIL, the dreaded 18 month sleep regression.

She over night went from going down happily to screaming bloody murder and my husband and I were so confused and stressed. I ended up going in and rocking/holding her while she slept for 8 hours every night!

After a week of this craziness I contacted Renee in desperate need for assistance. This was also a few days before Christmas. Renee was on her way out of town for vacation for the holidays but STILL agreed to help us. She assisted us while she was on her vacation and I think that says so much about the kind of business she runs.

Our daughter after a week of consistency is now back to putting herself to sleep and self soothing back to sleep if she should wake up in the middle of the night or shortly into her naps.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Renee and Sleepyhead Solutions. This support is worth every penny spent and I will forever be thankful!

Julie H. (parent of an 18 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Best return on investment ever!! Our 8 month old went from waking 3+ times per night with no regular schedule to sleeping 13 hours at night & is the happiest baby! We are forever grateful for all these amazing nights now. I wish I would’ve done it sooner! A great gift for any parent who’s not sleeping enough!!!

Mariaha C. (parent of an 8 month old)
Omaha , NE

Working with Renee was a game changer for our family. I’m sorry to say she was the second sleep consultant we worked with, so I’ve some ability to compare. I only wish we’d started with her first. In just an hour long consult she was able to provide information I’d not heard or read anywhere else (and I’d been reading!) and give compelling explanations for why I needed to do some key things differently. We had been trying sleep training with minimal success for over a month before we talked with Renee. After our call with her, our little guy was sleeping like a champ 2 days later. A few days after that our sitter called our approach “witchcraft” (in a good way!), a few days after that he slept through our scheduled post-midnight feed. It’s been astonishing to see what he’s been capable of now that we found an approach that works for him. It’s not witchcraft, we still have some bumps, but the general trajectory has been a HUGE improvement. I truly believe we have Renee to thank for helping us develop a plan that we were comfortable with, fit what our son needed, and is in line with best sleep practices.

Colleen C. (parent of a 4.5 month old)
Saint Louis, MO

Getting help from Renee, as recommended by our Pediatrics, has brought us the best experience of all in caring for a baby. Before talking to Renee, she was going through the 4 month sleep regression, and would wake up every hour or two during the night.  Her day time nap schedule is also unpredictable and she cries a lot during the day.  After talking to Renee, and reading a book called “the sleep easy solutions” for emotional support, we implemented Renee’s advice and miracle happened within 2 to 3 days, when she could sleep through the night without help! What is amazing is that even during the first 2 or 3 days of training, she was even crying less than before, when we had no idea when she’s supposed to nap and was holding her to sleep during the night.  The nap schedule from Renee works the best for our child compared to all the other schedules I have read on or have purchased.  I won’t hesitate to recommend Renee to a friend or get help from her again.

Melissa G. (parent of a 4.5 month old)
Seattle, WA

Our son has never been a good sleeper. He was almost a year old before he could sleep through the night. Fast forward almost 3 years and we were still struggling. We had tried night lights, oils, melatonin, weighted blankets, rewards charts, punishment, being compassionate, yelling, laying in the room, sitting in the room, sitting in the hall….you name it, we tried it. It would take him hours to fall asleep at night and then he’d wake up several times during the night.

It was impacting our lives, our work, and everyone in the family. In February, we consulted a sleep specialist and tried to put her methods in practice. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of follow-up support and the plan didn’t end up working. It was now October, and we found ourselves still sleepless with an almost-4 year old. He was crying every morning, hitting at the sitter, and being a total jerk when he got home. The poor kid was exhausted…and so were we.

I had just resigned myself to a sleepless life. My friend told me about Renee and I thought, “what the heck, it’s worth a shot.” In two weeks, I am totally and completely beside myself with how far he has come. He is going to bed on his own, staying in his bed all night, and waking in the morning. I am speechless. The best part is, Renee was with us every step of the way. We emailed her updates each morning and had access to her via phone for other questions.

If you are having any sleep troubles with your kids, call her! You are not destined to a sleepless life!

Audrey and Eric R. (parents of a 3.5 year old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee was amazing! Our child was waking somewhere around 17-20 times a night at one point and is currently waking once! His naps were only 30-40 minutes when we started and now last 1 1/2-2 hours. Our little guy knows how to put himself to sleep, how to go back to sleep when startled, and even plays/talks in the crib until we get him up. Renee took the time to listen and helped us find a plan that was doable for us. She was incredibly patient, but stood firm when coaching us on what was best for our little guy. While the two week process was a bit painful at times, for us as parents, Renee continued to check on us, answer questions, and tweak our plan if necessary. It was so nice to have her continual guidance.

Stephanie and Seth R. (parents of a 7 month old)
St. Louis, MO

We started working with Renee when our daughter Catherine was almost seven months old, and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Catherine has never been a good sleeper. She has always been a smart and very energetic infant, always hungry, burning lots of calories, and not inclined to more than a two-hour stretch. Needless to say, our lives had become unmanageable. She would only fall asleep if rocked and held, and never for long. We were exhausted. But Renee changed our life. She changed Catherine’s, too. Our daughter was ready when we sleep-trained, in fact, after only the first night, she kept sleeping 12 hours a night, and enjoying 2/3 naps a day. She has never been so happy — she has bloomed. We followed the rules rigorously, and it definitely worked.  We wouldn’t think twice before recommending Renee’s guidance to any parent in need of rest, balance, serenity, and a new start with their child.

Alice C. (parent of a 7 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

Contacting Renee was truly one of the best parenting decisions I have made! I was at my wit’s end with our 1 year old twins – despite our best efforts they were fighting sleep, waking up multiple times during the night, getting up super early, waking each other up, you name it. We were all exhausted and something had to change. Renee was thoughtful, empathetic, knowledgeable and calm – she walked me through everything from their ideal schedule, to cues to watch for, to how to handle any setbacks. Within a few days the girls were sleeping 12 hours straight and on a predictable nap schedule. Even more importantly, I’m confident in our ability to handle any regressions as they come and have a greater understanding of how important good sleep is, for all of us! I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a life-changing experience, and I would recommend Renee to any family that needs sleep help.

Sara W. (parent of 12 month old twins)
Indianapolis, IN

Renee is a lifesaver!! Our daughter had colic and could only stay asleep if we held her. By the time she was nearly 5 months old, we were still bound to bouncing her on a Swiss ball to get her to sleep. Our pediatrician referred us to SleepyHead Solutions and we are incredibly grateful! Renee is knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, and kind. She went above and beyond to help us and we learned so much! Our daughter is now an excellent little (independent!) sleeper and she’s thriving.

Andrea L. (parent of a 5 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

My pediatrician recommended Renee to us when I mentioned that my 15 month old son was having difficulty sleeping at night. We decided to consult Renee. Within a weekend of trying her plan, I noticed our son was actually sleeping through the night. I was so happy that us parents could sleep too. By two weeks, our son is on a predictable sleep schedule. I wish I found her sooner. Thank you so much for your expertise, reassurance, and follow up. Our lives have changed based on your help!

Mabel T. (parent of a 15 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

Managing a sleep routine for a baby while parenting a toddler proved a big challenge for us.  We used SleepyHead Solutions to help us establish a sleep routine for my 6-month-old and to help us gain control over bedtime with our 2 ½ -year-old.  Renee gave us a detailed sleep plan for our baby that helped me navigate naptime and finally get our little one the sleep she deserves.  Our new Sleep Rules have made bedtime an easier process and our toddler has adapted well to them.

When we came to Renee I had been nursing to sleep our 6 mo and was losing my mind and most free time and my poor girl barely napped.  Now, our baby sleeps 11-13 hours straight each night and naps at least twice a day.  Before talking to Renee, our toddler was not going to bed till 9 pm or even 10 pm with stalling.  I really appreciated Renee’s non-judgmental, unbiased approach.  We were very pleased with the progress both girls made in the two weeks we worked with Renee.

Lauren and Jason B. (parents of a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 year old)
Los Angeles, CA

I’m so glad my friend referred me to Renee! She helped me organize a sleep schedule (which translated into an eating schedule as well) for my 7 month old son. We had always followed a mish mash of sleep training plans and philosophies for our other two boys, but for our 3rd baby, we needed to nip the problems in the bud stat. She was very helpful in figuring out a schedule that worked for him as well and that coordinated with the rest of our busy life. Within a few days, he was on track and sleeping through the night. A few days after that, the day time naps (which never lasted more than 20 min) fell into place too! I really liked the system she uses for sleep logs and of course the initial call really helped. I’m so glad to have her name and number now because with a toddler and a baby, I know I will have to come back! Can’t recommend enough!

Jennifer H. (parent of a 7 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

We were in a bad place when we were referred to Renee. We hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in what felt like forever! Our two year old had mastered climbing out of his crib and would refuse to go back to sleep without either my husband or I staying in his room until he did. Although we were told it was time to transition him to a bed we needed help on how to do that, and how to do it as smoothly as possible. Renee listened to our issues and concerns and put together a comprehensive plan for us. She let us know to stay patient but to follow the plan as best we could and even armed us with the best tools and things to say to our son while going through this transition. After just a few rough nights, of which she warned us, he was happily going into his “big boy” bed AND sleeping through the night! He even stays in bed until his green light comes on! We honestly couldn’t have done it without her – it’s been life changing!

Danielle H. (parent of a 2 year old)
Los Angeles, CA

We had the pleasure working with Renee addressing our 2.5 year old little girls sleeping issues. It would take us an hour to two each night to get her to bed and we were at the end of our rope on what to do to get her to sleep. With an expected arrival of our newborn girl we knew we had to get our daughter sleeping ASAP. Within two weeks we had her sleeping through the night. We were able to discuss each day our issues the night before and used her tools to make our daughters sleep routine smooth and short. Thank you again for all of the help.

Liz K. (parent of a 2.5 year old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee is amazing! Our 21 month old was waking up SO early and we were all suffering because of it. Renee helped us set a schedule that would work for everyone and we’re seeing great results. Within 2 weeks, he has gone from sleeping 7P-5A to 6:30P-6:30A and is a totally new kid! She’s perfect at laying out the rules that you probably already know, but holds you accountable to following them.

Meghan P. (parent of 21 month old)
Indianapolis, IN

Renee was absolutely wonderful to work with. Prior to engaging her expertise, our 10-month old boy has massive regression in his sleep pattern. He would only fall asleep while nursing and only Mommy could put him to bed. He was waking up three-four times a night and only wanted to breastfeed, not because he was hungry, but because it was his soothing mechanism. He would only in Mommy’s arms, which made it impossible to get anything done during the day.

We had tremendous results when we started Renee’s plan. On night three, our baby went to sleep within five minutes and hasn’t looked back since. It takes babies longer to learn how to nap but within 2 weeks our baby was taking two quality naps and not crying when being put down awake in his crib. Renee helped us to completely separate breastfeeding from sleeping. We were uncomfortable night-weaning our baby at this time, so Renee adjusted our plan to allow one feeding between midnight and 4am. Well, a month later and he has only woken up for that feeding three times! We have structure to our days now and aren’t hostage to his scattered nap schedule prior to the program. We stick to our “soothing bedtime routine” that Renee has put into place and our baby was even able to sleep through a party at our house with over 50 guests.
Renee was super engaged the entire time, admittedly more than even we were and (trust me) we were incredibly determined to make this work. She was super responsive to all of our questions and emails and followed up daily based on our sleep/nap log. She helped adjust our son’s plans based on his needs as we got into program too. She was available evenings, weekends, etc.

I can’t say enough good things about Renee and her expertise. Our son has always been a super happy baby but now he never fusses or cries due to tiredness. His hair has gotten much longer. He eats three times as much food now. He is growing quicker. It’s been unbelievable to watch. This was one of the best investments we have made for our son and our marriage.

Brittany and John M. (parents of 10 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee was a absolute angel helping with our son’s sleep schedule at 9 months. We were still co-sleeping because unfortunately we were displaced from our home in Big Sur when he was only 4.5 months old due to a landslide. He was waking me up every 1-1.5 hrs and would only go back down to sleep if I nursed him for long periods. She gave me the confidence and support I needed to start the sleep training and he was sleeping 12 hours through the night within the first week. His naps naturally fell into place when we stuck to her guidelines. She mentioned there will be times we would need to do sleep training again as he goes through different development stages and she was right. He has had a couple of periods of regression with his naps along the way, but she has given great advice on how to deal with it as it arises. He’s still sleeping 12 hrs solid through the night at 15 months which is an absolute blessing. I am 6.5 months pregnant with our second child and I will do the same sleep training process I learned from Renee, but I plan on starting it around 6 months this time around. A well rested baby and mama makes all the difference in the world.

Mandy and Patrick O. (parents of 9 month old)
Big Sur, CA

My son was not a bad sleeper. But we had some concerns: Why were his naps only 30 minutes when we knew he should be sleeping 3-4 hours during the day? And he seemed to only be able to fall asleep with a pacifier – Is that okay? Do we really have to keep replacing the pacifier in his mouth every time it falls out (between 2 and 8 times a night)?! We were hesitant to work with a sleep consultant because we didn’t want to be told that a) we had to get rid of the pacifier – our son loves the pacifier, and b) that we had to be very rigid with our schedule and never be away from home during a nap – that just wouldn’t work with our lives. We sought out Renee when our son was 6.5 months old. She was very understanding and reassured us that she could help. She was flexible with our decision to keep the pacifier, giving us advice on using them. She taught us what to do when our son would cry when we put him down to sleep. Our biggest takeaway was what Renee taught us about the prime nap times that would lead to our son taking two predictable naps a day, each 90 minutes at least (but still give us some flexibility in our daily schedules later in the day). The 2 weeks of communication and feedback via Google Docs was extremely helpful. We are so happy we worked with Renee and got the information and tools we needed to help our son have his best sleeps.

Shelley and Jason G. (parents of 6.5 month old)
South Orange, NJ

We sleep trained our kiddo when he was 19 months because I couldn’t take it anymore. We were co-sleeping and he was nursing all through the night. It was the worst. My husband was against sleep training from the beginning, which I wasn’t, but he finally gave in to me contacting a sleep consultant after I was at my wits’ end. Renee formulated a plan according to our needs and our kid’s temperament. I had read every sleep training book and I just needed someone to say, “Hey, do this” and if something was going haywire, tell me how to adjust. Renee did just that and now my kiddo sleeps like a dream. My husband turned his attitude around because our child was now sleeping through the night and he got the nice version of his wife back. (I also sent him out of the house the first 2 nights of training so he wouldn’t stress out and derail the process). I had fears of causing some sort of “emotional turmoil” for the baby, but he’s still a cuddle bug and a happy silly little dude. Naps took a while (like 2-3 weeks) but really the night time only took about 4 days for him to get it. It’s worth it. Renee is awesome. She’s straightforward and supportive and a very reasonable price. Do this for your kid, for your family, and for your sanity!

Allegra H. (parent of 19 month old)
Seattle, WA

It was a pleasure to work with Renee during this process. The conversations, time given, and feedback provided the ultimate support while sleep training. Our family was waking every 45-90 minutes with a 4.5 month old prior to working with Renee. After creating a plan that worked for our family, we now only wake once per night. It was a wonderful feeling to feel so supported and knowing we had an expert to consult for weeks while trying to overcome the sleep aids we had created. We now understand when and how sleep should occur on a daily basis, which has given us a much happier baby.
We would highly recommend Sleepyhead Solutions to anyone that is struggling with sleep issues.

Sarah H. (parent of 4.5 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee is INCREDIBLE! My seven month old baby was on a terrible sleeping schedule and Renee patiently helped me come up with the best sleep plan for my baby and she’s now sleeping through the night and taking her naps at the correct times! She is a real life saver!! I highly recommend.

Mushky N. (parent of 7 month old)
Brooklyn, NY

I am so appreciative to Renee from SleepyHead Solutions for her help and guidance on getting my 7 month old baby to sleep. I was hardly sleeping, let alone had any personal time, as my baby wouldn’t go to sleep on her own, and wouldn’t allow herself to be put down once she did fall asleep, and stayed asleep for very short increments of time. Then a friend recommended Renee. She discussed various sleep training options and made sure I was comfortable with the plan that worked best. Her step by step plan was comprehensive, and includes eating times and a complete daily schedule and routine. She provides daily feedback and monitors progress and is readily available for the parents on this journey. Our baby’s new sleep routine has been transformative for the entire family! Thank you, Renee!

C.H. (parent of 7 month old)
Philadelphia, PA

It’s official, you are my hero! I started that Friday right after we got off the phone. We went shopping for our poster board decorations, we had our family meeting and we made our board. He had a meltdown during ‘quiet time’ and I had to put the monkey lock on but after less than ten minutes he settled down and quietly laid in bed. He didn’t sleep but he rested. That night he went to bed at 530 and slept until 645 am and stayed in bed until his light went off. First thing he said when he woke up was ‘let’s see how high I can jump since my body rested!’ It was hilarious and adorable. He slept through the night last night as well without any issues. He woke up around 545 (because of the time change) and stayed quietly in there until his light went on. I was standing in the hall and I heard him say ‘YAY! the light came on!!’ and cautiously peeled his head out.

Seriously amazing! Thank you. I’d send you a gift if I had your address! And I also thank you for giving me a reason to say ‘I told you so’ to my husband! 🙂 We are so grateful!!!!

Jen R. (parent of 3 year old)
Los Angeles, CA

After our chat last week, my husband and I began implementing the plan discussed. We are blown away. It’s almost like M. was waiting for this. He has adapted so well. We followed your cues and have put him in bed awake after bedtime ritual. He has shed some tears but never more than 5 minutes before falling asleep in his own crib! Naps and nighttime. I’ve been disassociating nursing from sleep and, instead of taking me an hour to put down, it’s done in minutes without anguish on either end! At night, we are still doing one feed but he is sleeping 5-7 hour bouts before waking for a quick feed and then going back down again. For us, this is such progress! I just wanted to share and thank you for nudging us into a healthier sleep routine.

Ashley P. (parent of 9 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee has been so helpful as a sleep coach getting our 5.5 month old daughter into a proper sleep routine. My husband and I were sleep deprived individuals as our daughter would consistently wake every two – three hours throughout the night. When we started, the goal was to get her to sleep through the night, and by the second night, she had achieved this goal! We can’t thank Renee enough and would happily recommend her to anyone looking to help their children sleep better.

Sen C. (parent of 5.5 month old)
New York City, NY

Renee is amazing! She helped me get my six month old baby to sleep through the night and take three naps a day. I never thought it would be possible, let alone happen so quickly but her calm and consistent help and guidance made it so. I would recommend her to anyone in need of some highly professional sleep-training expertise!

Laura J. (parent of 6 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely a life saver! My child was a terrible sleeper and we had him taking 2 hour naps and sleeping through the night within a few days!

Elizabeth R. (parent of 4.5 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee was a lifesaver when my 3 year old twins decided they no longer wanted to sleep! The techniques she recommended were age-appropriate and are working! We are back on track with restful nights thanks to Renee!

Naomi S. (parent of 3 year old twins)
Los Angeles, CA

My daughter is 3 and has some sensory issues, she has a very hard time self regulating and calming down, bed time was a nightmare. We were spending hours and hours a night trying to get our daughter to sleep, she would finally fall asleep between 2 and 430 am every day and usually in my bed. I contacted Renee a few weeks ago at a loss not only was Renee so kind patient and a pleasure to work with she made a perfect plan to work best for not only my daughter but for me and my husband as well. Yes! my daughter is going to sleep at a normal time, sleeping through the night, in her own bed and wakes up happy and well rested! We are seeing such a tremendous difference in our daughters behavior, she has become such a happy girl! Renee has done miracles for our family and we are so grateful! Renee is absolutely amazing to work with, she is patient kind understanding and so supportive through the process of sleep training. She is literally a miracle worker!

Julie G. (parent of a 3 year old)
Brooklyn, NY

I knew my baby was more than ready to sleep through the night but the reality showed the opposite. My baby would only nap in my arms and only nursed to sleep. He would wake up multiple times at night and I would run to him every single time. I was exhausted and would look on the internet for sleep training methods but so much information was overwhelming. I was trying to grab all the information and blend it together so I ended up clueless, lost and, even worse, sending mixed messages to my baby. Thankfully, I met Renee. She brought structure to my life and helped with guidance and a daily schedule that helped me to succeed to teach my baby to sleep through the night for the first time ever! I couldn’t believe it! My baby was ready but I wasn’t. Thanks to Renee this was possible. She didn’t only help with structure, guidance, and tips that I could have never thought of on my own and were so crucial for us to be successful, but she also helped with confidence in all those times where I didn’t trust myself to do it. She was there as a friend and as someone who understood. She was always prompt to help and to reassure. She’s amazing and my baby and I will thank her forever. We even dream of her sometimes now that we finally get some sleep. 🙂 I’m so glad we decided to sleep train now and not later. We are all happier in the family and our baby is getting restorative sleep that is so important for his development. This is one of the best things that a parent can do for her child.

Sandra O. (parent of a 10 month old)

UNBELIEVABLE! In less than two weeks, our two year old son, Mendel, went from needing a bottle and parent to put him to sleep, waking several times during the night and ultimately ending up in our room, to falling asleep on his own and staying in his own bed throughout the night! Renee was extremely understanding and developed a sleep plan that made us all feel confident and comfortable. We did not imagine how effective and painless the process would be and how positively Mendel would respond. Aside from becoming a pro sleeper, the consistent schedule helped Mendel become more relaxed and focused, and he has since developed much better eating habits. While still the same adorable ball of energy, he is much calmer and happier, and thus we are all calmer and happier. Thank you Renee! You restored order into the lives of two very tired and overwhelmed parents!
If you are thinking about working with Renee, I cannot offer you a more resounding YES! You will not regret it!

Zalman and Chaya B. (parents of a 25 month old)

I thought I knew all there was to know about sleep. Our son was a great sleeper pretty much from day one, so when our daughter was born I figured she would be the same. Unfortunately, I was wrong and she was the complete opposite. We had to rock her to sleep every single time from day one. We got into a really bad pattern of that and it became exhausting and time consuming. As a mom of two, I didn’t have the time or energy to rock her for each nap and bedtime. She stopped sleeping through the night at four months and was up multiple times a night. She also took very short naps multiple times a day. I was beyond sleep deprived and extremely miserable. Renee helped us enormously and the sleep plan she gave us has been completely life changing! In a very short time, probably less than a week, our daughter was sleeping though the night and taking much longer naps. We were able to put her down in her crib awake, and she learned to fall asleep on her own. Renee has given our whole family the gift of sleep, and we are all so much happier!! I had convinced myself that our daughter would be impossible to sleep train and even asked Renee if this ever doesn’t work. Renee was a life saver to us, and I am forever grateful for her!! Not only did my husband and I need sleep, but our daughter really needed it, as she was so overtired! Thank you Renee for everything you did for our family!

Amy W. (parent of a 4.5 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

Renee was a god-send (actually a referral from my husband’s cousin – but felt like a god-send!). Her meticulous approach and patient coaching helped my 8 month old twins (who would not nap for more than 15 minutes) be able to take 2 full day naps and a full night of sleep. We are now on a great schedule and have two happy babies and happy mommy and daddy. Thank you.

Poopeh and Bijan P. (parents of 8 month old twins)
New York, NY

When my wife told me about the details of the sleep training program, I was skeptical. My understanding of childcare had always been if a baby cries, you comfort her to stop her from crying. The program teaches you that this is not always necessary, and why it’s important to teach the baby how to self-soothe and put herself to sleep on her own. I had a hard time letting our (9 month old) daughter cry for extended periods of time in the beginning, but after only a couple of days (and some convincing by my wife!), she learned how to both put herself to sleep and stay asleep. This program has truly improved the quality of all of our lives. All three of us are now getting a great night’s rest – every single night – and couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to work with Renee!

John B. (parent of a 9 month old)
Lee’s Summit, MO

Once our son hit 11 weeks old, his sleep went downhill fast! At 15 weeks old, I had to return to work and my husband and I were lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Our son had us up every hour to 1.5 hours and we did anything and everything we could to get him back to sleep, including putting him in the swing and in bed with us. We were at our wits end and felt like it would never get better, and then my friend referred us to Renee. Renee met with us multiple times and analyzed our sons sleep patterns. Based on our conversations, Renee gave us a personalized plan for our son and even provided us with research and articles supporting what we were going to be implementing. After starting the plan, Renee gave us quick and around the clock support and helped work through any issues or illness that our son had. We saw improvement each week and we are now getting our 8 hours of sleep a night! Our son is a much happier baby! Thank you Renee!!

Bridget W. (parents of an 18 week old)
St. Louis, MO

Renee to the rescue – again! I had high hopes that my daughter would be a better sleeper than my son was as an infant, but unfortunately she was not. By the time she hit four months, we were in the exact same position we had been with him two years earlier–rocking her to sleep in her Rock ‘n Play for hours, and having her wake up and cry every hour throughout the night. Our nerves were frayed and we were twice as exhausted from chasing our toddler around. We worked with Renee when our son was five months old and he’s still a great sleeper at almost three, so I scheduled a call with Renee for the day my daughter turned 18 weeks (the earliest Renee works with families on sleep training). Once again, she was a godsend. She developed a plan for us that worked for our family and was available to support us while we implemented it. Within a few days my daughter caught on, and after two weeks had settled into a great schedule. I have my days back, my husband and I have our nights back, and most importantly, our daughter has never been happier. She wakes up smiling and rested and cheerfully plays the day away between her well-timed naps in her crib. Bedtime has become a breeze. Sleep training is a gift for your whole family, and Renee helped us achieve it. I have recommended her to several friends over the past few years and will continue to do so. Thank you, Renee!

Katie C. (parents of an 18 week old)
Philadelphia, PA

I can’t recommend Renee highly enough! I had read at least ten books on sleep, and had done everything that had been suggested and we were still having issues. We started working with Renee and within days noted a positive change. My 18 month old who had been a difficult sleeper his whole life suddenly became a great sleeper. It was amazing! So when I had my second baby I didn’t want to waste any time! I signed up with Renee right away and we started working together right when my daughter turned four months. I had to go back to work so I wanted to make sure that my baby, who previously would only sleep on me, would be able to nap while I was away, and not keep me up all night. Again, the change was unbelievable! My little girl was falling asleep on her own and getting some decent rest in her cosleeper…not on me! My whole family is now getting the sleep they need. Her input and support have been invaluable and if sleep is important to you, give her a call immediately!

Jen R. (parents of an 18 week old)
Los Angeles, CA

We came to Renee as two desperate parents who had not had more than 4-5 hours of broken sleep every night for over 3 months. We had created some bad habits such as rocking our 7 month old baby to sleep and picking her up and rocking her every single time she woke up. We even spent full nights sleeping in the recliner while holding our baby, as that was the only way she would sleep. Renee was very understanding of our situation and absolutely did not criticize us for creating our own monster! She worked through the multiple options we could try and let us choose whichever method we felt most comfortable with.

I cannot tell you how happy we are that we worked with Renee. After just one night, we saw an improvement. By night 3, she would only wake for a few minutes and then put herself back to sleep. By night 5, she was sleeping 11.5-12 hours per night without waking. In addition to having trouble at night, our baby had never been a good napper, even as a newborn. Renee worked with us to try out a new method to get our baby to nap. While that took a little more time, after a few weeks, she was happily napping twice per day in her crib.

It has been 2 months since we embarked on the sleep training journey and we are so happy (and well rested). She continues to sleep well at night and at nap time. I cannot say enough good things about working with Renee…highly recommended!

Thank you again for everything you did to get Flynn sleeping. She continues to sleep so everyone in the house is happy!

Lacey and Chris S. (parents of a 7 month old)
St.Louis, MO

We contacted Renee when our son hit an insane 4-month sleep regression that had us up every 2 hours. We had the foundations in place to get him on the right track, but weren’t sure how to navigate the changes without seriously disrupting our older child’s sleep. Renee helped us come up a routine that worked for our whole family–it got our baby into good sleeping habits and minimized our older child’s disruptions. Within a week he was comfortably down to one waking a night and taking solid naps. Now we feel confident that we can weather the inevitable challenges posed by travel, teething, and life and our little one will return to his solid foundation that Renee helped us establish.

Marianna S. (parents of an 18 week old)

We came to Renee with our 7 month old in complete desperation. The 4 month sleep regression hit us hard and got progressively worse as time went on. We got to the point where we were waking up almost every 45 minutes all night long trying to do anything and everything we could think of or read online. We spent a fortune in gadgets, sleep sacks, mobiles, sound machines – literally trying something different on a weekly basis to try and get all of us even just a few hours of sleep. We were referred to Renee by a friend, and after reviewing her packages, I was worried about spending the money and whether or not something like this would actually work. After speaking with her, we were immediately comfortable with her approach and took the plunge! I can tell you that this was the best $300 we ever spent. After our consultation, we made the environmental changes she suggested and saw a little improvement. A glimmer of hope! A couple of days later, we started on our new schedule, a plan customized for us, and by days 3 and 4 we were seeing significant improvement. By the end of that first week and into the next week, he was sleeping 12 straight hours at night! We couldn’t believe it! We were all finally sleeping and our baby was happy and mom and dad’s sanity was returning. Renee knows her stuff and is so gracious and helpful throughout the process – you absolutely won’t be disappointed in the results if you stick to the plan.

Lauren and Brendan O. (parents of a 7 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Amazing! You are my hero! We can’t get over how well S. is doing… she actually looks forward to going to bed. She got up with her light at 6:15 today and napped from 12:30-2:00, and went down at 5:45. She has been a pleasure (as much as a two year old can be) during the day… so happy and full of energy! Truly life changing for all involved! Thank you for all of your help. It has truly been such a blessing!

Amy R. (parent of a 2 year old)
Los Angeles, CA

Renee has been a godsend to our family! Ongoing sleep deprivation got us to a pretty dark place. I found myself crying every day about something, even though I knew there wasn’t really anything wrong. I read several books, blogs and articles about sleep, but some of the information was conflicting and I was having trouble committing 100% to anything. We tried sleep training on our own, but I kept second guessing our plan and became so anxious that we stopped after a couple nights. It was incredibly helpful to have Renee provide us with a concrete plan and then to answer ALL of my questions as we went along (is this normal? what if X,Y, Z happens?) She was unbelievably attentive and consistent in her advice. She was there every step of the way with us and I also felt accountable to her. I don’t think I would have stuck with the plan if I didn’t have her checking in with us, answering questions and providing support. It took/is taking time, especially with travel and other life changes, but we have come such a long way! Our 10 month old sleeps through the night, just about every night and is taking regular naps when she is at home! She seems so much healthier and happier. (We are all so much healthier and happier!) We are able to really enjoy and appreciate our time together, now that we are all well rested. We couldn’t be more thankful for all of Renee’s help! I wholeheartedly recommend SHS!

Lori and Adam B. (parents of a 10 month old)
St. Louis, MO

Our family found Renee through a friend at a time in our lives when nothing else was working. Our son was a phenomenal sleeper up until he was able to climb out of his crib, which unfortunately coincided with when we brought our new baby home from the hospital. All of a sudden we had a newborn and a toddler and neither was sleeping. The 3-year old got into a pattern of needing us to stay with him until he fell asleep and the whole routine took literally several hours. When he did finally fall asleep, he would get up multiple times a night and come to our bed. One of us would have to feed the baby every 2-3 hours and the other would have to walk the toddler back to bed and sleep with him until he fell back asleep. Then we would alternate. It was like living in a continuous nightmare.

We talked to our pediatrician and tried several tactics. We went to see a sleep specialist at a local hospital and tried her method. Nothing worked. We had a ‘stubborn’ kid; as parents we didn’t agree on what approach was best; and we were so very, very tired. Then a friend told me about Renee. If only I had called her sooner!

Renee responded to my plea immediately and explained how she worked. I didn’t think it would be possible to have a phone consultation for an hour and be able to solve our deep set sleep issues that had been going on for THREE MONTHS. But I was ready to try anything….and at any cost. That one hour on the phone was the best investment I have ever made for our family. She counseled my husband and I and developed a plan that worked and made both of us (with very different parenting styles) comfortable. She walked us through the steps of the plan, told us exactly how to implement it, and what to expect. Her insight into toddler behavior is amazing. Renee did not have a one size fits all approach. She genuinely listened to us and made sure she gained an understanding of our son’s personality and how he might best respond, and tailored her strategy and approach to him, and we believe that made all the difference.

Within 3 days of implementing the plan, our 3-year old was falling asleep unassisted and staying in his bed all night long. We updated Renee every day and she had suggestions for tweaking things so that we were able to continue our successful sleeping pattern. She was so responsive and reassuring. I have recommended Renee to our pediatrician, our school district, our daycare, and any friends who have mentioned that they have sleep challenges.

Jen and Andy C. (parents of a 3 year old)
St. Louis, MO

It had been month of struggle with my toddler (20 mo old). Not only did her sleep regress (she started waking up an hour earlier screaming), but she also seemed to require more sleep. She was exhausted and fussy what felt like all day, every day, and so were my husband and I. I tried everything, even moved her bedtime down over an hour and it did not seem to replenish my daughter. Finally I convinced my husband that we needed help and we scheduled an appointment with Renee. Our session was so enlightening. Not only did we address the sleep problem, but she also helped us make connections between her sleep schedule and many other obstacles we dealt with during the day that I had not realized were related. Renee helped us create a plan, and also gave us the confidence to enforce it. It has been almost a month now and I can honestly say that my baby is back. She’s smiling, laughing, singing, dancing, and playing almost all day and the meltdowns, while not gone, are so much less frequent and more manageable. Some days she still wakes up early or takes a short nap but now I am ready ready to respond and I know what to do. I am certain that we are on our way and I am so relieved that I finally figured out how to help my daughter be her best, rested self. I cannot thank or recommend Renee enough, I only wish we hadn’t waited so long to call her.

Ariel G. (parent of a 20 month old)
Irvine, CA

I was put in touch with Renee through a friend who I had asked some advise from.
I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who after the birth of my son, was having trouble
getting to bed at night. After a year of us trying different tactics, we were still struggling
to make bedtime a positive experience.

From the beginning Renee was sympathetic to our situation, and was ready to take up
our challenge. She asked great questions and took the time to listen, and made a plan
Of what we needed to do.

You have to want to make the change happen, and although it looked easy on paper, we
all had to put some hard work into making the plan happen and be consistent.
The daily communication with Renee during the first 2 weeks was a great source of
support and comfort. I am happy to say we saw some great progress during this time,
and more than a month into following our plan, bedtime has once again, become a
happy and fun time.

Emma M. (parent of a 3.5 year old)
Columbus, OH

My 7 month old son woke up every 2 hours at night to feed. Some nights I just nursed through the entire night in order to get some shut eye. During the day, my baby wouldn’t go to sleep without being patted for a good 30 minutes, and nursed on and off throughout the day. I was a zombie and my poor baby wasn’t much better. Then my friend introduced me to Renee (Sleepyhead Solutions). She said Renee worked wonders on her twins and I need to give it a try.

Renee patiently walked me through the alternatives and set up a structured yet very caring schedule for my baby. I did have some doubts if my baby can learn to sleep through the night, and fall asleep on his own. But I gave it a try as my baby was not happy, overtired and cranky, as was I!

I stuck to the plan, and by day 3, my little boy was craving his naps and bedtime! He was very well rested during the day and eating like a champ 🙂 I don’t know why I haven’t done this with my older kids. This is of the best advice I received as a parent and the best gift I can give to my baby. He now self soothes, falls asleep on his own and is growing beautifully!

Thank you Renee!!!

Dini A. (parent of a 7 month old)
New York, NY

Renee Wasserman!!!! All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Our little man was 19 weeks old when we reached out to her with an S.O.S. He hit the 4-month sleep regression and subsequently his sleep proceeded to get worse and worse, by the time we reached out to SleepyHead Solutions our guy was pretty much getting up every 1-2 hours in the night and would sometimes be awake for 1-2 hours. Middle of the night bouncing, although a great workout, was not our idea of a good time. And the naps, the naps were short, 37 minutes at best. We were tired. So VERY tired. Renee talked us through our options for getting our guy more sleep. She is not tied to one method of sleep training and formulates a plan based on your family’s comfort level. After deciding on a method, (then changing the method after the first night –which Renee was very cool about) and following her advice, he slept 9 hours straight –no bouncing necessary!!! We were AMAZED! He was so well rested he decided to teach himself how to roll over. This caused a little set back in his progress as he adjusted to his new skill. During this time Renee was supportive and committed to helping our family continue on the road to sleep. Renee is available to answer any questions throughout the process and we looked forward to our daily check-in’s, as we came to rely on her advice and encouragement. I can not recommend SleepyHead Solutions enough. I could go on and on, but I will only say this last thing, as I write this my son is napping. He has been sleeping for an hour so far, and I expect him to sleep for at least another half hour, but it could be more!!

Paige H. and Jose E. (parents of a 4 month old)
Los Angeles, CA

We started working with Renee when our then 4.5-month-old was giving us a run for our money at night – took us an hour or two to get her down and she was waking multiple times a night. I was especially at my wits end as my husband was working nights – no sleep at night and my other 2-year-old to take care of left me absolutely exhausted. We didn’t have any sleep issues with our first baby so we were at a loss of what to do. Renee laid out a very clear plan for us to follow and we were amazed when even after a few days there was a dramatic difference – and after a week we were dealing with a completely different baby (a baby that slept!). It was especially helpful to email with her during the entire process – she was very encouraging along the way and answered our questions as they came up. Bedtime is now fun, relaxing and most importantly, easy.

Naomi H. (parent of a 5 month old)
Minneapolis, MN

Renee radically changed our lives. We entered into trying out a sleep plan (again) for our 4.5 year old son hopeful, but skeptical. The results blew away our expectations. Since beginning working with Renee, my husband and I have new hope and energy and our son is so PROUD and CONFIDENT. Renee has given us a priceless gift and we are so grateful!

Robyn R. (parents of a 4.5 year old)
St. Louis, MO

The smartest decision I made was hiring Renee to help me with my twins sleeping habits. Before calling Renee, my twins were on two totally different sleeping schedules which prevented me from getting anything done as one baby was always asleep while the other baby was awake. When I told my friend about being stuck home all day, she recommended that I call Renee as she helped my friend tremendously. Renee was a pleasure to work with. She responded quickly to my emails, and custom tailored the plans to fit my family’s needs and style.

At first having twins was really difficult, but once they were on a consistent sleep schedule my entire life became so much easier. I was finally able to enjoy my twins without being overwhelmed. I was now able to plan nights out and get errands taken care of. I even have some free time to just relax! My babies are also so much happier now that they sleep properly. They are rarely cranky, and when they do get cranky, they calm down as soon as they see me starting the sleep routine because they know they will get to sleep.

I definitely recommend Renee and Sleepyhead Solutions. Working with them totally changed my life.

Bracha H. (parent of 6 month old twins)
Brooklyn, NY

Renee’s program is both clear and systematic. After months of googling various “sleep issue” terms, it was a relief to have an expert point us in the right direction and just follow those directions. Within two weeks of following Renee’s step-by- step, very gradual process, our two-year- old was sleeping through the night, from approximately 7:30 pm to somewhere between 6 and 6:30 in the morning. This after a bedtime near 9pm, multiple night wake-ups, and a morning wakeup of anywhere from 5-6am – and this while one of us slept with her. She listens better, eats better, and is just generally happier – and so are we! The ability to check in and get feedback was great. Renee even touched base with us when we were headed out of town for a long weekend and leaving our daughter with my husband’s parents. We are so appreciative of Renee’s commitment to helping our girl transform her sleep pattern and already have recommended her services to friends.

Karen D. & Keith E. (parents of a 2.5 year old)

Now that I find myself with a 1 year old who sleeps through the night and is generally in bed by 6pm, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! I am now in bed at 9:30pm not because I’m exhausted from sleepless nights, but because I actually have time to enjoy dinner with my husband and I can relax and watch my TV shows by 9:00. I now have what I’ve always dreamt about – reading time before bed, and my meditation time again in the morning. Blissful is how I would describe my nights and mornings and I owe it all to Renee!

Hiring Renee was the best money we ever spent. It took much less time than I thought for our daughter to sleep through the night, and, as most people who hire Renee say – we should have hired her sooner.

Forever grateful,

Heidi & Mike M. (parents of a 1 year old)
Denver, Colorado

Life with twins and a toddler is just crazy as it is. So when my 9 month old twins decided not to sleep at night or take naps I didn’t know what to do with myself. Life was one big mess. I would have to rock them to sleep for hours. And then rock them again every hour during the night. I was hopeless.

But then my pediatrician recommended I call Renee. To say the truth I thought that nothing can be done but decided to give it a try. Why not? It couldn’t be worse that is was already! I had no life! I never knew when my twins would fall asleep or how long they would nap for (if they napped).

After my first phone conversation with Renee I saw a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. She was so understanding. She reassured me. She was so calm. Well after just 3 days on the program my babies were sleeping through the night!!!!! Renee was there every step of the way. She never left me one minute alone. Always checking up on me, making sure I understood what needed to be done.

Our family has finally gotten some sleep back. I am so much more functional. I know when my twins will sleep. I can plan things ahead of time. I can live!!!!! I have no words to thank Renee for her dedication and patience.

Dassi S. (parent of 9 month old twins)
Brooklyn, New York

At seven months our son was barely napping during the day and up every 2 hours at night. He was being rocked to bed by exhausted and slightly frustrated parents. Taking a friends advice we contacted Renee, and within 2 weeks of starting her sleep plan he was sleeping through the night, taking 2 solid naps during the day without needing to be rocked. Renee was understanding, patient and addressed each one of our concerns to make sure we were comfortable with every detail. Thank you Renee for restoring our life back to normal! There is nothing better than cheerful rested parents and a happy baby.

Sara & Mayer W. (parents of a 7 month old)
Brooklyn, New York

I decided to call Renee with Sleepyhead Solutions after I had heard from a friend with 2 young boys that she had success solving her more extreme sleep issues. I had been trying to get my 3 and half year old to sleep in his own bed for several months. He had been sleeping in my bed, but since I was pregnant with baby number 2 I felt urgency to get him into better sleep habits. Not to mention that sleeping with an almost 4 year old is pretty much like sleep with a clumsy elephant. I had tried on my own for a few months to get my son to sleep in his own bed, but without confidence in my plan or support from my husband, I was not succeeding. I decided it was finally time to call help.

Renee was very responsive to my e-mails and was flexible with the first consultation call. She asked me questions about my son’s sleep habits and took my opinions, concerns and the unique dynamics of our family into consideration. After our initial call, she provided a thorough sleep plan that included tips on trouble shooting and illness. She gave me some great ideas that actually got my son excited about the process. The first night was rough, but I expected that, and it helped to have the encouragement of Renee and my other mom friend who had used Renee before.

I am so happy to say that my son now goes to bed on his own without a fuss both at night and at nap time. He also now sleeps the entire night without waking me up. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing that is for our family. The gift of a good night sleep for the whole family more than cover’s the cost of Renee’s services. The better sleep habits have also affected our family positively in other ways:

-My son feels more confident in his own independence and will get dressed each morning without much prompting (before it was a struggle).
-My son is in a better mood each morning which helps things run more smoothly.
-Bed time and nap time are no longer a struggle. I actually look forward to our bed time and nap time routine.

I can not say enough great things about Renee and Sleepyhead Solutions. I highly recommend her services.

Valerie W. (parent of a 3.5 year old)
Silver Spring, Maryland

I contacted Renee about my 4 year old son after my daughter was born, as the change had turned his “sleeping world” upside down. At first I was skeptical that a consultant on the other side of the world would be able to help! However, Renee’s practical approach and easy demeanor made the whole process so enjoyable! My son went from creating havoc at bedtime and taking an hour to fall asleep, to completely understanding and adhering to his “sleep rules.” It changed this “chaotic” new world of his (of having a new sibling!) into one that was finally giving him a sense of autonomy and order! (And invariably gave us – his parents – our sanity again!)

At the same time, I set up my newborn daughter with all the “conditions” and sleep advice Renee so willingly gave me – and my daughter has been an absolute dream! Even when there were hiccups along the way (rolling over, new stages, travel), Renee was able to guide me and reassure me that what I was doing was correct (or otherwise!) Renee has been such a calming, assuring and trustworthy voice in my head as I established positive sleeping habits for both of my children.

Mimi N. (parent of a 4 year old)

Renee with SleepyHead Solutions has been wonderful to work with! To begin, she was very thorough and understanding with all of my apprehensions and concerns in regards to sleep training. She made me and my husband feel at ease and confident in the plan she put in place for our baby girl (5 months old). Her knowledge and understanding of the sleep training process was vast and her ability to guide us through this process was seamless. She was a cheerleader when we needed it most and a mentor throughout. Now, our daughter is a great sleeper plus we’ve successfully eliminated the pacifier and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and support from Renee. It is amazing how much more functional we are and how much happier our baby is with the right amount of sleep. Thank you so much Renee!

Ashley G. (parent of a 5 month old)
Austin, Texas

At first I was extremely hesitant about sleep training. Everything in my motherly being was against letting my son cry until he fell asleep. However, by ten months, he was still nursing 4 times a night and I was exhausted during the day. After talking it over with my husband, we decided that our son was old enough to learn the valuable life lessons of self soothing and independence. Renee was recommended to us by our doula and I cannot speak highly enough of how much she helped us through the process. Knowing that I had to be accountable to Renee made me commit to sleep training and stick with the plan that we developed specifically for my son. I knew the first night would be hard, however, within 3 nights our son went from waking every few hours and nursing back to sleep, to sleeping 12 hours without any crying. It was a miracle and I thank Renee for guiding me through the process and helping us receive the gift of a full night’s sleep and a well rested baby!

Amy S. (parent of a 10 month old)
St. Louis, Missouri

Thanks to Renee my family of 4 is now well rested and my husband and I have reclaimed our evenings. Renee helped us transition our 2 ½ year old daughter from a family bed sleeping arrangement to falling asleep and staying asleep independently. Renee’s services came highly recommended to us and rightfully so. Renee’s approach is very professional, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. She listens to your goals, needs and ideas before creating a personalized action plan that is well thought out, practical and clearly articulated. Once you start implementing the sleep program, she is encouraging and responsive, all the while providing personalized tweaks and ideas based on the previous nights’ experience. Most importantly, I feel like her methods and philosophy really honour the child’s sense of self, autonomy, and belonging within the family. I have never personally met Renee – we live in Canada and all consultations were a combination of phone call and emails. Working with Renee remotely provided no barrier to the effectiveness of her service or the sleep program. I highly recommend Renee’s help to any exhausted parent needing to make a change to their family’s sleep habits. Your only regret will be that you didn’t call her earlier!

Lisa and Michael D. (parents of a 2.5 year old)
Vancouver, Canada

Almost overnight our 18-month old went from going to bed with no fuss at 7:00 p.m. and sleeping peacefully through the night, to wanting to stay up until 10:00 p.m., screaming when it was bedtime, barfing because she was so worked up, and then waking up several times during the night to play. SleepyHead Solutions saved my marriage, sanity, and restored peace to my home. Renee patiently listened to our problems and developed a detailed plan based on our specific issues. From the initial Skype interview to the daily check-ins, her services were professional and personalized. My husband and I appreciated that she answered all of our questions (even though some were probably crazy) with calm and patience. Renee’s methods for getting our daughter to go to sleep (with no fuss!) and stay asleep through the night worked within the first week of our consultation, but she continued to check-in and provide advice for the entire two weeks of our consultation time. My husband and I have told everyone we know with children about Renee, and would contract her services again in a heartbeat. Thank you SleepHead Solutions, the McFall family is happy and sleeping restfully since October 2015!

Julie and Josh M. (parents of an 18 month old)
Redding, California

At seven months, our daughter was up at night every two hours. Her naps did not last longer than 45 minutes. We were all completely exhausted. Fortunately, we were referred to Renee at Sleepyhead Solutions. Within a few days of consulting with Renee and implementing her sleep plan, our daughter began to sleep more soundly, and within two weeks she was napping well and sleeping through the night. We are thrilled that life has returned to normal.We are no longer up at 12, 2, 4 , and 5 a.m., and we now run on a great, predictable, and flexible schedule. We are truly grateful for Renee and her advice. Thank You Renee!

Mushky R. and Avi M. (parents of a 7 month old)
Brooklyn, New York

With a new born and a 2 year old that needed comforting 4 – 5 times a night to stay in bed, we were exhausted.  We desperately needed help and we found it in the form of SleepyHead Solutions! Our son is now sleeping 12 hours straight with no intervention from us.  Renee listened to our story, asked a bunch of questions and created a custom plan for us. We paid for two weeks of support but our son basically graduated after about 10 days. I always thought my son was one of those kids that just didn’t need that much sleep. Turns out he was actually sleep deprived and he proudly announces each morning, “I slept in my bed all night long”.  Thanks, Renee.

Kathleen and John T. (parents of a 2 year old)
Los Angeles, California

Renee is, in a word, a lifesaver. Our son had been a terrible sleeper since birth. My husband and I tried sleep training him without any guidance when he had just turned four months old, and it was a disaster. A few weeks later I got in touch with Renee and she gently talked me through a plan of action and made sure I was comfortable with it. Three nights after we implemented the plan, our son was sleeping 11 tear-free hours every night and taking 3 pacifier-free naps during the day. There were still some kinks in his schedule that we needed to work out but overall the transformation was incredible. My son was happier and better rested, and so were my husband and I. I went from dreading naptime and bedtime to treasuring the peaceful, relaxing time with my baby. He smiles when I put him down in his crib to sleep and he’s smiling when I go to take him out. Renee’s fees are very affordable but as I tell the (many) people I’ve referred to her, no matter what the cost, it will be the best money you ever spend!”

Katie C. (parent of a 5 month old)
New York City, New York

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Renee to solve and fix my daughter Chaya’s sleeping problems. Before we met, Chaya would wake at night nearly every hour and wouldn’t fall back asleep unless she was nursed and rocked and her naps were a complete mess. Everyone was at their wits end- myself, my husband and my baby. We dragged ourselves through the day, exhausted, stressed and frustrated. Renee was able to pin-point what exactly was wrong with what we were doing and worked with us to create a perfectly tailored plan catered to our specific needs that addressed the issues we were having. The results have been life-changing. Chaya is now an amazing sleeper, sleeping through the night on her own and having two solid naps a day. Renee has been there for us every step of the way, answered all of our questions and concerns and eased us through the rough patches. She has gone above and beyond her call of duty by providing for us a supportive, listening ear and gently guiding us back on track when things went amiss. Thank you Renee! We are grateful beyond whatever words we can say!

Eli and Naomi R. (parents of a 7.5 month old)
New Jersey

When we approached Renee for help, our then 9-month old was waking up screaming 3-5 times a night for an hour at a time. My husband and I were zombies and desperate for something to change! Our daughter was persistent, but with Renee’s expertise and support, she learned to sleep through the night and settle down for her two daily naps. Renee was amazing to work with; she provided specific guidance and instructions, always responded quickly to my questions, and was hugely supportive throughout the entire process. Our family of 4 is sleeping through the night and feeling well rested (and human) again – thank you, Renee!”

Rebecca K. (parent of a 9 month old)
Cleveland, Ohio

Our once perfect sleeper started waking up 3-5 times throughout the night when he was 19 months old. With Renee’s guidance, we developed a sleep routine that we felt comfortable with. By the 3rd night of the routine, he was sleeping through the night once again. And before we knew it, he was getting (and still is getting months later) over 12 hours of sleep each night.

I highly recommend Renee for any sleep deprived parents and children. Our son is so much happier now that he gets the rest he needs. Renee’s 2-week plan including daily check-ins was exactly what we needed to stay the course. And best of all, she was able to schedule us right away whereas St. Luke’s best available appointment slot was 2 months out.

Liz and Jamie T. (parents of a 19 month old)
St. Louis, Missouri

My husband and I can’t even begin to thank you enough for your expertise. I am a complete believer in healthy napping and sleeping habits. We knew it would be worth it, but were shocked at how quickly and positively our boys responded. Your help has truly changed our lives. Our twins are happier, our time with them is of much higher quality and we have a nice period of time to spend with our older two after the twins go to sleep. I have already passed your name on to a few of my friends. I hope they take advantage of all you have to offer. I definitely know where to go if I am ever in need of sleep help with my family again.

Jillian S. (parents of a 10 month old twins)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A. slept straight through until 6 a.m. this morning! I’m sold on the early-as-possible bedtime. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have slept from 10p to 6a. I am so relieved and grateful and just — feeling hopeful and reasonably human again. I know we will have setbacks and tough nights in the future, but I no longer feel like I cannot see my way through them.

Holly P. (parent of an 8 month old)
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thanks so much for your help! It has been a pleasure working with you. My husband was very pleased after our initial conversation and thought you were very knowledgeable and professional. I obviously think the same thing but it was good to hear that from him. :)

Leanne G. (parent of a 7 month old)
Denver, Colorado

6:20pm – 6 am! Went right down for the morning nap and slept 70 minutes! You are a miracle worker!!!

Jessica S. (parent of a 5 month old)
New York City, New York

Thank you again SO MUCH for all of your help! It truly has transformed our lives!

Krista G. (parent of a 19 month old and a 4 month old)
Los Angeles, California

I was skeptical at first, but sleep training really does work! I also wasn’t excited about the early bedtimes or the napping schedule times, but I’m a believer!! And even better, my husband said to me, “That sleep consultant was worth every penny.” So, we’re BOTH believers. I love having a couple hours with my husband in the evenings now. The best part is that E seems happy and well rested.

Liz K. (parent of a 7.5 month old)
Des Moines, Iowa

Thank you so much for all your help. Sophie has come so far. She barely cries when we put her down. She rolls around for a little bit and talks to herself and then she’s out.  Sophie is doing fabulously and everything is falling into place. Getting Sophie to go to sleep at the right times of the day has made a huge difference in her overall sleep. We are thrilled with her progress!

Samantha P. (parent of a 5.5 month old)
Los Angeles, California

We are still shocked at how well Ava is doing during sleep time. We had known for a while that we needed to make changes, but you gave us the much needed expertise and encouragement to make it happen. I don’t dread bedtime anymore which is a HUGE stress eliminated from my life. Thank you, thank you! We are so grateful!

Kim and John L. (parents of a 2.5 year old)
Richmond, Virginia

Thank you so much for all of your help with our daughter’s sleep issues! Your advice helped me through an extremely stressful time, and got her sleep back on track within a week. The time, compassion and attention to detail you offered me made the experience that much more positive…you’ve been my guide along this crazy path and continue to give me support when I need it. Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with someone as responsive and thorough as you have been. Thank you again for everything!!!

Lindsey T. (parent of a 21 month old)
St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you so much for helping us teach Joshua to become a better sleeper. You have made an incredible difference for our entire family! It’s been nice getting to know you in our conversations and emails. I will give your name to anyone I know who needs help with sleep! You are awesome and have made me feel so supported throughout this process. Your knowledge and the service you provide are invaluable!

Rachel H. (parent of a 12 month old)
Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for helping us get our little one on a sleep schedule! It has done wonders for our whole family. I highly recommend SleepyHead Solutions!

Nicole D. (parent of a 9 month old)
Rock Island, Illinois

Thank you for guiding us to get my baby to sleep through the night!! We could not have done it without your help. Her naps are consistent and she goes down without a fight. My husband and I are no longer sleep deprived! Thank you, thank you.

Kellee J. (parent of an 8 month old)
St. Louis, Missouri

I highly recommend SleepyHead Solutions! It had been taking us literally two hours to get our 3 year old to bed at night, and then he’d be up 5+ times per night. Now he’s sleeping like a champ. Renee is amazing!

Keren D. (parent of a 3 year old)
St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you so much for helping our little one to sleep through the night! We cant believe it…and we could have never done it without your help! Thank you for all the guidance and for sticking with us through the process! She is now taking consistent naps and sleeping 12 hrs straight at night. And the best part is that she has learned to put herself back to sleep.

Tanya M. (parent of a 4 month old)
Los Angeles, California

Thank you Renee for all of your help in getting our 2 1/2 year old to sleep better. He is NOW sleeping in his own bed, by himself and almost sleeping through the night. With baby #2 already here, we are excited for this progress. After originally working with another sleep consultant, I highly recommend Renee and SleepyHead Solutions. The first plan didn’t work for him, but Renee and SleepyHead Solutions did. Thanks again!

Carrie C. (parent of a 2.5 year old)
St. Louis, Missouri

RENEE! I can’t thank you enough! So my horrendous sleeping almost 3 year old FINALLY slept through the night for the first time in WEEKS thanks to your advice! We put her to bed earlier, switched to the static white noise and awaited the results! Thank you, Sleep Wizard! I’m gearing up to use the strategies you gave me for if and when she wakes up calling out for us in the middle of the night. But for now… we sleep. =o) xoxo

Beth F. (parent of a 3 year old)
Los Angeles, California

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