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Certified by FSI - Top 100 - Certified by Child Behavior Sleep Consultants in the U.S. - Featured in Parents - Certified by Child Behavior Certification Program
Renee Wasserman

Hi, my name is Renee Wasserman and I’m an infant and child sleep consultant and child behavior consultant.

As a mother of three daughters, I’ve been through the sleepless nights and difficult days and know just how draining and exhausting it can be. There were so many days and nights I wish I had someone to ask for help who had been in my shoes. It was this feeling that gave me the drive to create SleepyHead Solutions. I truly know how frustrating parenting can be and how exhausting it is to have a child who won’t sleep.
 I love to help parents create a calm home and teach their children to sleep through the night and take consistent naps each day. I genuinely care about each child’s progress and pride myself in being available each step of the way. Whether it be for behavior or sleep consulting, my goal is to educate and support parents so that everyone has the tools, strategies, and confidence to be the best parent possible and feel good about the process along the way. I promise you will never feel judged! I’ve invested considerable time and effort to become an infant and child sleep consultant and child behavior consultant. I’ve gained knowledge and experience as a physical therapist, earned a masters in Public Health, acquired certifications from the Family Sleep Institute and The Early Years Family Development Centre, and completed multiple continuing education classes. 
My vision for SleepyHead Solutions is to provide families  with ethical, research-based programs that develop healthy sleep patterns and behaviors within their children. Sincerely,
Renee Wassermann
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Every parenting and sleep package is designed for success.

Helping parents build happy and healthy relationships with their children.

Providing support and accountability for parents without judgement.

Empowering families with effective and ethical parenting methods.

There is hope no matter how difficult the sleep or behavioral struggles you face!

I believe there is hope for every family based on my experience from working with countless families of all types.  The following ideas make up the foundation I use to empower parents.

Parenting can be achieved without chaos.

There is no need for parents and children to suffer through sleepless nights and endless tantrums. SleepyHead Solutions has the certifications and training to help any family work through these issues and throw out the chaos.

Parents and children can live and sleep in harmony.

Through a dedicated and consistent approach that encourages positive behaviors, parents and children can find harmony in their home.

Any family can be empowered with time-tested and effective parenting strategies.

SleepyHead Solutions advocates ethical parenting strategies that have been shown time and time again to produce and reinforce positive behaviors.

Knowledge is power.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds and circumstances. SleepyHead Solutions works to make sure every parent has access to the best knowledge and tools available to raise their children to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Peace of mind is within reach for every parent.

SleepyHead Solutions gives you the tools and support to confidently deal with sleep challenges and behavioral issues.

Infant &
Child Sleep

SleepyHead Solutions offers a variety of sleep consultation packages for helping families with their infant or child.

Toddler & Early Childhood Behavior

SleepyHead Solutions offers a variety of behavior consultation packages that are perfect for families with young children.

Client Success Stories

Thank you so much for giving us our sleep back! Your program was truly game changing and we are forever grateful.

Jay and Amy Lott
Parents of 4.5 Month Old Boy

Renee empowered us with the right tools, the right coaching and the right wording to instill confidence in our 2.5 yo.

Michaela and Dylan Mueller
Parents of 2.5 Year Old Girl

She really helped us with finding a healthy balance between being firm with boundaries which our daughter really needed while also showing her lots of love and affection and keeping things fun. Her strategies literally saved us.

Felise and Doug Waxman
Parents of 3 Year Old Girl


Renee’s collaborative approach and responsiveness gave us the confidence needed to stay the course. And now when our head hits the pillow, we get to enjoy the peace that comes with knowing we get a full night of rest.

Andy and Meredith Beard
Parents of 4.5 Year Old Boy


Discover what will work best for your family.

Certified by FSI - Top 100 - Certified by Child Behavior Sleep Consultants in the U.S. - Featured in Parents - Certified by Child Behavior Certification Program