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Is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant really necessary?

Unknown-1In our parents’ generation – and even in our generation – sleepless nights were considered a normal part of child rearing. Babies and children were supposed to wake up throughout the night and moms and dads were required to figure out how to function on minimal sleep.  Years ago, much less research was available regarding the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation. Now, it is (almost) common knowledge that well rested children are happier, better behaved, more alert, and perform better at school. And well-rested parents…well, need I say more?!

No one would balk at the hiring of a tutor to help with math, reading, or a foreign language. A private coach to improve your son’s baseball batting technique? No problem! A certified infant and child sleep consultant can be a life changing decision for parents. A consultant will empower and educate parents to establish a healthy sleep foundation for their children and to teach them to sleep through the night. “Hiring a qualified child sleep consultant (an International Association Child Sleep Consultant member with Advanced Child Sleep Certification/Training) will ensure that families have success when they are ready to implement a plan to get their whole family sleeping better,” says Deborah Pedrick, Founder of the Family Sleep Institute and child sleep consultant pioneer.


According to the Family Sleep Institute, here are five benefits of hiring a qualified child sleep consultant:


1. Their knowledge and experience will help families focus on a plan that suits their parenting philosophy, emotional and physical state and other important variables that are necessary to find the right fit. Every family is different and a qualified child sleep consultant will not offer a one size fits all sleep plan; all child sleep plans will be custom to the families’ needs.


2. Well trained child sleep consultants are able to keep families on task and motivated while implementing a plan. This is a very difficult task for families to do on their own.


3. They are also able to make quick adjustments when the plan requires a change so that the family stays on the right path.


4. Well trained child sleep consultants are able to ensure that both feeding needs and sleep needs are being met.


5. They educate families on how to not only obtain healthy sleep habits in their families, but also maintain healthy sleep for a lifetime of restful sleep.


Is it possible to successfully sleep train your child by reading a book and putting in practice all that you have learned? Sure, it’s possible. However, parents are usually so sleep-deprived that trying to make sense of all the information out there is simply too overwhelming. What you won’t get from the books is the ongoing 1:1 support that a certified sleep consultant will give you as you implement the plan. Drawing from her education as well as the knowledge and experience gained from helping other parents, a certified sleep consultant can discuss many different and well known sleep approaches and help you pick the plan that best suits your parenting style and your child’s temperament. She will support and guide you every step of the way. Support like that can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful sleep training. A certified infant and child sleep consultant can give your entire family the much needed sleep you all deserve.

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