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Is your baby or toddler not sleeping and leaving you sleep deprived and overwhelmed? Does parenting feel stressful and no longer enjoyable?

Renee Wasserman Sleep Coach

My name is Renee Wasserman, P.T., M.P.H. I am a sleep coach and child behavior specialist who understands how frustrating parenting can be and how exhausting it is to have a baby who won't sleep. I have been in your shoes.

I love to help parents bring calmness to their home and teach their children to sleep through the night and take consistent naps each day. I genuinely care about each child's progress and pride myself in being available to you each step of the way. Whether it be for parenting, sleep, or both, it is my goal to educate and support you so that you have the tools, strategies, and confidence to be the best parent that you can be and feel good about the process along the way.

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Will I ever get a good night’s sleep again!

I understand what you are facing because I have been there myself. I, too, spent many nights being woken every couple of hours because my child needed me to help her go back to sleep. Many days I was too exhausted to be my best self because I slept so little the night before. I spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for any advice or sleep tip only to leave me feeling more confused and overwhelmed.

Teach Your Child How to Sleep
Reasons Why Your Child Won't Sleep

There are many reasons why your child will not sleep.

SleepyHead Solutions can tackle all types of sleep problems that are keeping your child from getting a full night sleep. Teaching healthy sleep habits can successfully improve early morning wake times, middle of the night wakings, sleeping through the night, short naps, nap transitions, getting out of bed, crib to bed transition, bedtime battles, and many more. Every child and every situation is unique and SleepyHead Solutions will tailor a plan to address your specific sleep challenges.

Do you feel like you have no control as a parent while your kids seem to run the show?

As a certified parenting consultant, I can provide you with the strategies and language to empower you to confidently parent in a way that feels that you are running your home in a respectful and positive way. With 3 girls of my own, I know the challenges of parenting day-in and day-out. I remember the days of feeling that my children were calling the shots instead of my husband and me. I know the frustrations that come with not knowing the best ways to deal with developmentally-appropriate challenges such as temper tantrums, potty readiness, picky eating, bedtime shenanigans (to name a few), how to set rules without yelling, knowing what is age-appropriate behavior, and starting the day with peace.

Help my child go to sleep
Reasons Why Your Child Won't Sleep

I can give you the tools to help you parent in a way that feels good, respectful, and effective.

If you feel that you are making parenting decisions to avoid temper tantrums or you are constantly negotiating with your child to get dressed, brush teeth, go to sleep, etc. I can give you the tools to help you parent in a way that feels good, respectful, and effective while seeing the behavior changes that you are hoping for. Although it can feel impossible, you can definitely turn the chaos into cooperation, promote less yelling, and create harmony in your home. Parenting does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun and enjoyable and I can help you get there.

I know that your family is unique.

SleepyHead Solutions will listen to you and work with you to determine a sleep plan based on your parenting style as well as the personality and temperament of your child. By teaching your child to become an excellent, healthy sleeper your entire family will get the sleep they need and deserve.

I pride myself in my dedication to my clients – my packages include regular and ongoing contact, advice, direction, and support. This makes all the difference in successfully implementing a sleep plan. As a certified, knowledgeable, and professional sleep consultant, I will guide and coach you along the way and address all of your questions and concerns.

Help my child go to sleep

Here's what my clients have to say.

Our 2.5 year old daughter was never a great sleeper. Always an early riser and waking multiple times a night. Our daughter would require my husband or I to go into her room to pat her back and reassure her many times a night for many many months. Then with the addition of a new baby into our family, I was getting up every hour to 2 hours between the toddler and infant. I was exhausted! I reached out to Renee when I was at my wits end with my 2.5 year old. We had tried everything from shortening naps, changing nap times, changing bed times etc. nothing was helping. Renee developed a sleep plan that was comfortable for my husband and I to be consistent with including “sleep rules” and an “OK-to-Wake” clock. The first night of the sleep plan I was shocked at how well it went! The next 2-3 nights were a little more rough but within 5 days, our daughter was sleeping 11 hours at night and taking 2 hour naps! I was amazed at how quickly our daughter took to the plan! She was proud of herself and we are so proud of her. Renee was wonderful to work with! I looked forward to our daily sleep updates with her. I HIGHLY recommend Renee if you are having issues with your toddler sleeping. Your toddler is capable of great sleep if you follow Renee’s plan consistently!!!

Stephanie and Chris S. (parents of a 2.5 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

We loved working with Renee! Our 5 yr old just could not go to sleep despite all of our efforts. He was coming out of the room multiple times, finding every excuse to stay up; it was making out household a very stressful environment. Having Renee really work with us on coming up with a plan where my spouse and I were on the same page, having specific steps/rules to follow, and ongoing support made all the difference. I would highly recommend working with Renee!

Leah M. (parent of a 5 year old)
Saint Louis, MO

Renee’s plan provided clear instructions for us on how to address our behavior issues with our son. She took the time on the phone during our consult, to listen to all of our concerns. We did not feel rushed, and were comfortable opening up to her regarding the issues we have been facing. Her plan addressed each and every one of our concerns- as well as provided examples of real life situations, and how we as parents should respond, and implement her suggestions. She even included some fun, low key ways to help reinforce the house rules and expectations that we as parents have for our children. Thank you!!!

Katie D. (parent of a 4 year old) – Behavior Consult
Saint Louis, MO

We started working with Renee after our four month old went through such a serious sleep regression that she could only sleep while being held (day and night). After a few weeks of taking shifts and trying different approaches on our own with no consistency, we contacted Renee, and she helped us create a plan that worked for us. Three days into the plan, our daughter was falling asleep on her own in her crib at night and making great progress with naps. Two weeks after completing the plan, she is still putting herself to sleep, only wakes up once/night for feeding, and her naps keep getting better. Having Renee’s advice and support was invaluable in helping our daughter develop healthy sleep habits!

Anna B. (parent of an 18 week old)
Saint Louis, MO

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